søndag 25. november 2012

J-fashion Halloween and bubble tea

Yesterday I went with Ingvild a J-fashion ´´Halloween´´ meet-up arranged by some new generation J-fashion pupils (very late though).  We didn´t planned to stay there long though, only to have a look, say hi and see if there were any gyarus. Unfortunately there were´t any : (
I saw many cute lolitas, some street-fashion inspired and one girl made a really good Mori-girl (although I don´t think she really knew what mori was haha ). 

Point make. I´m really in love with those lower lashes. Unfortunately I only have two pairs and the
brand is not very known so I dunno if I´ll find it on the internet : /

I had planned to take a few pics if I found any gyarus, but as I said i there weren´t any...
Norway has enough lolitas alright??!!

Also people were really shy in the beginning so it was a bit akward. What do you do in a situation like that? Oh yes you take over the laptop and play Shibuya Nation on max volume lol

We stayed there for about 1 1/2 hour, tried to persuade some people to try out gyaru (lol) and then went  to ChaBua to have Bubbletea! The bubble tea here was waaaay better than the one at Rådhusplassen.

I tried coconut milkshake with Tapioca and Ingvild had strawberry tea with tapioca and jelly.

Gotta requote Sasa: ´Íngwild suck the bubbles´´haha !

Later that night I met up with J and then went to D Dinner in town to eat. It´s a very popular chinese restaurant located near ´´Stortinget´´.

We both had duck. She had spicy duck and I had with foie gras <3 I LOVE FOIE GRAS

Then she had Mango pudding and I had pannacotta!

The best part: J paid everything HAH. Cuz it was my birthday present <3

When we returned home we decided to build a hut in my room. Ofc it had to be pink! Sometimes I wonder just how old we think we are?? It was fun though!

Here is yesterdays OOTD.

Finally got a easel too. Very artistic huh?

I really hate my wardrobe atm, NOTHING TO WEAR when in fact it´s filled up with clothes.





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  1. Åååh du er så altfor søt!
    Liker sminken din den er fab. Hva heter undervippene?
    Jeg har aldri prøvd bubble tea. Vil også prøve!! D:
    Og maten så superduperawesomefantastisk god ut namnam<3

    Savner deg penfjes!

    1. Takk søta! Savner deg også! Merket heter bare : decorative eyelash haha. Kom til Oslo snart så drikker vi bubble tea sammen : D <3

  2. I think your outfit was really cute :D

  3. Your outfit and hair is so cute! : D : D

  4. You look great!! *_*
    And all the food, omg!

  5. great style :D !!!

    and pannacota looks so yummy *.*

  6. cute outfit!!! and great post~! ^^ looking forward to your upcoming ones~!