torsdag 22. november 2012

Birthday Party with Glitter & Glam Pt. 2

So let´s continue from previous post. I wanna thank everyone who came and made the night unforgettable! 

This pic is hilarious. Don´t take it serious we were joking obviously. STRIKE A VOGUE.

I didn´t expect any presents, but some people still gave me. <3 Thank you!
Power stone-bracelets from Ingvild. Apparently they are quite popular among gals right now. She made it herself and
I love it <3 

I also got a bottle of wine from Monica and Maria, amazing hand cream from my roommate Viktoria and Janicke is gonna take me out for dinner this Saturday omg <3 I love my life!

On friday I went shopping. I wanted to look for something wearable for the party, but ended up buying 
loads of other stuff.

Necklace from Zara. I love love LOVE it!

Necklaces from H&M it was take 2 pay for 1 so I only paid 99kr! 

Egg and a new book to read lol!
I heard the was an article on the Gal unit: ´Black Diamond´in there so I had to get it. I´ve been really obsessed with them lately, because of their crazy old school-style!

I had a wonderful weekend and I hope everyone had fun too!

6 kommentarer:

  1. the necklace from zara is so nice *o*

  2. Skulle ønske jeg kunne bli lenger for jeg hadde det så utrolig gøy!!

  3. That's cute!

    Wish I had a cool birthday party also XD