fredag 21. desember 2012

Hairbrush decoden

Hi gals!

On monday I had a xmas-workshop at my house, we were only three, but I wasn´t expecting many to come as it was on a weekday and right before christmas. It´s was this girl called Keziah, Ingvild and me.
I decided to decorate my old hairbrush since it was so ugly to look at. I turned it bling bling and fab.

Eat it gurl, it´s candy. I feel so much more fabulous when brushing my hair now.

I basically just found some old decoden-stuff I never use and glued it on.
No money spent!

Ingvild made bracelets and got me another one. I love it! I got the pink one 
on my birthday so I wanted a black one now! 

Keziah went a bit earlier, while Ingvild stayed until midnight, it was nice to just sit there and chat about everything and nothing haha! I also found out that Keziah is into gyaru. She even read Ageha which came as a surprise because not very many in Norway does and there aren´t many gals left here.

It was a fun day and I hope there will be more workshops arranged in the future!

Also fell in love with this MV starring my all time favorite model: Okarie.
I love 0.38 when she ´´shooting´´at the couple instead of looking down and being depressed  (which is kind of stereotypical in this kind of MVs.)

I´m asking myself , ´´how can someone be so perfect?´´.

10 kommentarer:

  1. flere MVer som har Okarie i videoen deres:D men denne har jeg ikke sett før. Hun er så forbanna perfekt...

    1. forresten børsten var kjempefin:)))

  2. haha ja du har jo den med lily ft yua ellerno, men liker ikke sangen.... denne sangen liker jeg derimot : D

  3. So cute :D I still wish I could be there :(

  4. so cute!! i love your newly upgraded comb. you make me want to deco everything. lol i have too much stuff that needs attention T-T

    i just started following you btw!! nice blog!

    xoxo Sarah

    1. thank you! It´s been a long time since I last decorated something so it was fun!

  5. Cute brush deco!!
    I never thought about it til now! >W<

    1. thanks! I´ve always loved deco den : D

  6. Great idea! But with the way I abuse my brush, I wonder how long it'd last. hahaha