lørdag 22. desember 2012

Ingvild´s birthday!

On Saturday I celebrated Ingvilds birthday along with some other people I know. First we all gathered at Ingvilds place to have some drinks before we went down town.

Me and Erlend made our own cocktails since Ingvild had bought umbrellas. 
At least we know we´re NOT going to be a bartenders....who wants a drink? For free!

We sang birthday song for Ingvild! On the street lol 
...knowing I´m not the best singer in the world... I hope nobody I know where nearby!

The place we went to first had ´´too many people´´(that what they said, but I bet it was just our ´´casual dress code´´), so we went to ´´  Tempest  ´´ instead hahah.

This is the only pic I´ve got that´s ok to post Erlend, me and Monica. They both looked so fabulous! (... never mind my hair..the weather killed it ).
Pity I don´t have a picture of the birthday girl! She looked amazing! :(

Erlend and some of the other people had to leave early. In the end it was only Ingvild, Monica and me. Around 03:00 AM we decided to eat kebab. Forever fat´n fabulous!

I had a lot of fun that night and I hope the birthday girl had too! 
I slept over at Ingvilds since there aren´t any night buses from town to where I live.

The next day she made udon for us booth. It was delicious! I haven´t had udon since Japan. Bacon of course!!

I also tried on some of the clothe she had brought with her from home. Mostly Lis Liza, but unfortunately most of the clothes from Liz Lisa didn´t fit : ( they were either too big, too small or didn´t look good on my figure, but I ended up with a really lovely dress from DreamV and Tralala. Got some other stuff too which I´ll show you later! :)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Ooh! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    Happy Birthday to Ingvild! ^^
    You looked very fabulous too! >W<
    omg, udon. @0@

  2. thank you! I would liked it better if my hair was like when I left my place : ´D

  3. Everyone looks gorgeous! Love those little umbrellas^.^

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  4. happy birthday to Ingvild ^-^ seems like you made a great party!