tirsdag 26. februar 2013

One*Spo & Laguna Moon replica by Romwe

Hi gals!

Right now I´m sitting in the library at uni and should be doing some reading work, but
I just stumbled upon a few items you guys might find interesting.

Was looking through some items from Romwe when I suddenly found a
One*Spo replica there.

Original pictures and design from the gyaru brand One*Spo

I also found the cat clutch replica.

Original design from the gyaru brand Laguna Moon

Here is Cheesie with the white one

Tricia with the black one.

The reason I´m making this post is because I know those two items have been really popular and was sold out very fast so the original brands don´t have them in stock anymore. Also Romwe ships worldwide so you don´t have to go through the hassle with Shopping service.

Hope this was helpful for those of you who have been searching : )

7 kommentarer:

  1. heard of that, but didn't think it was true. thanks for posting this!


    1. no problem : ) glad it was helpful!

  2. I've seen the One*Spo one before and was quite surprised when romwe had a replica! It's so pretty and sweet, and I'm a cat lover so that's a plus for both the items :D

    1. me too! I personally would like the cat clutch myself in pink or white!

  3. LOL that cat bag/purse is hilarious!! I'm tempted to get one now haha~

  4. ååååå love it! first time on your blog. never heard about any of the brands though :P klemmer fra oslo ;D

  5. I've heard of these things before too, I do like the cat dress very much.