onsdag 20. februar 2013

Spending my day with good friends

Hi gals!

Today was indeed a very fun day. Most people have what we call ´´winter holiday´´, but as I´m in Uni I don´t have one, instead we have something called study day. I´m supposed to study on this day, but since my friend Christine was coming all the way from Sandefjord to Oslo I thought the reading could wait for tomorrow. So I went down town to meet her. My friend Martin was also there so we three went to have some bubble tea at the new bubble tea store  inside Oslo city.

peak-a-ru! I see you!

I had passion fruit milk tea and Christine had mango milk tea, Martin had mango fruit tea. I´m not really a fan of the fruit tea myself though.
The man behind the desk at the shop was really sweet and friendly, I prefer the tea they have at Grünerløkka more, but the service at this shop was so SO much better!

It´s been a long time since I last curled my hair so today I had to give it a go. Only sleek curls, didn´t have enough time to ´´mori´´it up, but I like it nonetheless. 

After that we went to have some burgers and chit-chatted for a looong time, then we went out to take some pictures.

Taken by Martin when I wasn´t paying attention, but somehow the best pictures of me are always accidentally taken by someone else heh.... I really like this picture!The shadow on my forehead is kinda weird, but never mind that ok?

I don´t post outfits very often as the lighting inside my room is terrible and I don´t have someone else to
snap pictures of me, but since Martin is studying photography I made him snap one.
If only I had my personal photographer or something hahah!

Jacket: Liz Lisa
Top: Tralala
Shorts: Ageha Shibuya
Bag: Tralala

my roots are unforgivable, but please bare with it. Gonna fix it soon!

Got myself some new stuff. I recently lost my MAC lipstick so I had to get a new one, this time I went to the drugstore to buy one . Since I always seem to loose my expensive make-up I might as well stick to cheap ones :´(

...and the new issue off EGG. I love this issue as summer is coming and there were a few tan gyarus and interesting street snaps!



Hope you guys had a great day!
Back to studying tomorrow : (


7 kommentarer:

  1. Elsker håret ditt her! Og du burde bare ansette Martin som fast outfit-fotograf haha!
    Og den jakken er bare så sykt fiiin!! (╥‿╥)

    Btw. den mørke FIT-foundation'en, bruker du den til contouring? Fordi det har jeg totally aldri tenkt over at er mulig >‿<

    1. Du så veldig søt ut selv og forresten! Jeg er så dårlig på å kommentere at gud, ja. ╥‿╥

    2. tusen takk!!

      Nei jeg kjøpte den for å bruke den som foundation faktisk : ) tenkte jeg sku prøvde å ´´bruke´´huden min til sin fordel og gå litt kurogal x liz lisa sweet gal ish !

  2. HERREJESUS du er perfekt. Seriøst. Dør av din kawaiiness-sama.

    Også gleder jeg meg til å se din kurogal liz lisa sweet galish^^^ hehehehehee

    1. fdhjsfhjsd Fridaaa <3 Du er perfekt selv så shuhshh!

  3. Søøøøøt på håret, hele året :D