lørdag 27. april 2013

Bye bye jawline complex.

Haii gals!

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a huge jawline complex. Born with a rather unflattering jawline (which she got from her dad) she has been choosing hairstyles that would ´´hide´´that part of her face. It didn´t helped that her parents and classmates were pointing it out either. For not being the prettiest girl in class it was okay, but for having the ugliest jawline ever ....´´ why is the world so unfair?´´ she wondered.

Turning 18 she realized something had to be done. That girl wholeheartedly believed that hard work will eventually pay off and she still does.

Today, two years after her decision, she saw something she thought she would never ever see while living. Pinning back the curls on each side of her face she saw how much smaller her jawline has become. 

Now you see for yourself.

Words cannot describe the happiness she felt in her chest.


Yup that girl is me darling. Never mind the cheesy fairytale-attempt and no I didn´t have any surgery or edit the photo except for the light. It´s a fucking beauty secret. Also I´m not really saying my jawline is super small, but this is a wonder to me.

Unfortunately I don´t have any good picture to compare, but my point is:
Can I be happy now? CAN I?

8 kommentarer:

  1. Must feel great to see such a change in yourself! I'm happy for you ^^

  2. your jawline looks great! can't even imagine that it looked different before..
    and you look so pretty in that picture^^

    1. Thank you! I´m so happy! My jaw was like....bigger. Dunno how to explain but my head was more angular...oh lord.

  3. Looks nice! ^^

    Btw, I wish I had your nose ;__; haha

    1. really : O?? I don´t really like my nose, but practicing nose contour does a lot to the shape!!

  4. I never saw anything wrong with your face,your jawline and your nose are perfect tbqh...but I get it how we can be our worst enemy. I myself have had really big issues with my nose(got teased for it),my jaw(well mostly my headshape) and my half-asleep-left eye...I told myself once I get a proper pay I will go and surgery form my nose to be more flat. My bf says my nose is cute but honestly if I can't be happy with it myself, nobody else can say or do things to make me happy. Anyways I'm happy for you,even though others don't see the flaw in it:P

  5. Ah I have the exact same problem of being born with a huge and unflattering jawline, also inherited from my dad. I have always been jealous of other people with tiny jawlines.

    If it's really a beauty secret then I guess it's fine but I'd love it if you could share a little on what you did to make your jawline smaller! >_<