lørdag 20. april 2013

Lilac stripes

Hiiee gals!

Exam is coming up and so therefore I´ve been stuck in that library all day for these past days. Faaaq maaai laaaaif *rolling eyes* . It´s gonna be so sweet to get it all done. Although I don´t have any plans this summer I´m just gonna enjoy my vacation to the fullest. 

Yesterday a very good friend of mine turned 24 so I was invited to his party. Party means doll up and that means hundreds of selfshots!! 

If you got me as a friend on fb you probably know that a few days ago I was rambling about wanting lilac hair which is something I´ve never had before. Yesterday I went a bought one bottle, but I should´ve known better. I know that you have to bleach your hair on order for the color to stay on, but I wanted to live with that tiny hope of not having to do it as I´ve already bleached my hair enough.

Sadly the color didn´t stay (fuck you science), but I got a very subtle and nice shade of purple on my light brown hair. It´s not all that visible in the picture, but I honestly really loved it. 

Can you by the way see my roots? Who the hell have 5 cm of black roots already 1 month after she dyed her hair? ME. I like that my hair is growing so fast, but when you´ve already dyed your hair it´s kinda annoying.

Category iiis: O_O-face

I used the rest of the lilac to dye my extensions and I´m extremely happy with the result.
I used Stargazer, but think I´ll order Manic Panic soon. I wanna keep that lilac shade in my hair!

Can you see it? and waddaya think?


8 kommentarer:

  1. Just wanna pinch your cheeks here Xiao^^ too cute! I see the shades on the sides close to your face! I liked the bottom ones too though :D

  2. You are so adorable! ^v^ I love your eyemakeup!

  3. I can seee iiiiit, it looks gorgeous!

    Also, same about roots. Mine is near 10cms now -_-

  4. Thelilac is so pretty! I can't color my hair that color, and so I got myself a lilac wig instead x) You look cute btw! Your eyes ^^

  5. awww so pretty!


  6. Ah the lilac is really nice with the brown : D