mandag 8. april 2013


Haii gals!

As some of you may already know I´m a huge fan of the american reality show called RuPaul´s dragrace

Gay? yeah
Drag? yeah
Weird? yeah

For those of you who are following the show (for those of you who don´t: you´re missing out) you might also know all the contestant on season 5. Among them is Jinkx Monsoon, my favorite drag queen this season and probably all time.
Now look at that sexy mama.

So basically I just wanted to do a look inspired by hi..uh her. I have never spend so much time doing my makeup before. Nor have I ever felt so ugly in so much makeup. I guess drag-makeup just doesn´t go well for girls as you´ve already got womanly features. 

Had to exaggerate my lip so much I look like fucking Joker from Batman, but you know I kinda liked the eye makeup. 

I tried my best to snap pictures that could catch my makeup, but the pictures really doesn´t do it´s justice. I reality I was in Snowhite.

Would you look at that pretty face!

 I tried to create the runway look from ep 8 when they were doing the perfume commercial challenge with what I already had in my closet. Difficult, but fun because you really have to think outside the box.

This is probably the best outfit picture I´ve taken since forever.

Now the head bow I made myself the last second from some old fabrics and a white flower I found in my closet. 
Faux fur coat: River Island
Jewelries: Liz Lisa & Primark
Dress: Angeleye

My friend wanted to go for Manila, but bitch didn´t use enough black eye shadow!


Aren´t we just the definition of drop dead gorgeous?

So what did we do after we finished? Went out to eat. 
They actually let us in. I mean look at this...thing:


- Howalon

18 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my......... You look... different XDDD
    I love that TV-show btw *____*<3

  2. ahahahahahhaaha great pictures :DD Good job with that make up! ^^

  3. Hahaha you're my idol,actually you don't look so bad in drag. 20 years older but not bad :D

    1. I´ll take that as a compliment as the character if my fav drag queen is supposed to be 40 years old!

  4. wow hahaha you really do have courage, can't believe you went out with the makeup XDDD

    1. haha well I feel no difference from going out in gyaru to going out in drag ;)

  5. Waw... that's... 0.0
    I actually really like the eye make up. Think it's nice and sultry looking. To be honest, I quite like the lips as well, it doesn't look drawn on, just that you have lovely big lips x I think the only thing is the low-light under the brows and down the nose,

    1. thank you! I´ll take the criticism to heart and improve : )

  6. I think you look gorgeous! That is one of the most beautiful facial contours I've ever seen!! :3 I also just love drag in general. I only wish I could put on that make up without making myself look like Coco Montrese.

    1. HAHAH HI5 for not liking Coco! Thank you so much :´D

  7. You'd make a good faux queen, you look awesome. Ahaha, I really like the make-up!

  8. YES! I love the Drag Race shows, but season 2 was my fave. You look hellaaaa bomb yo! I wish I could do drag make-up, but I don't have the lashes for it... YET! Hahaha, so awesome~

    1. hi sweet! actually I just glued two piece of lashes together to extend the length :) think outside the box and be creative!