torsdag 11. april 2013

My first concert: Lana del Rey

Haii gals!

So when I got home yesterday I was completely empty inside. I had done all the work at school and honestly didn´t really knew what to do. My friends were going to Lana del Rey´s concert in the evening, but I´ve never really been into Lana´s music so I had not booked any tickets.

However my friend asked me if I wanted to join the pre-party they were having before hitting the town and as I knew I didn´t have any plans anyway, I joined them.
Had to throw on some makeup in the last second, but I think it turned out good.

But let´s get to the point coz you´re probably wondering how the hell I managed to see Lana without a ticket? Yeah?!

Actually on of our friend didn´t show up as she wasn´t able to get the day off from the work. She had not sold her tickets either and then H got this wonderful idea to get someone to ask her to sell it to me and G. We got it for half of the price so I was happy with it. I don´t think I would´ve gone if we had to pay full price.

Here is some pictures of Lana performing. We didn´t have the best spot so we kinda had to jiggle ourself all the way through the mass.

I´m glad I went. Lana´s music still ain´t for my taste level, but surely it was fun!
Just the fact that my tone-deaf friend who in addition happened to be drunk was singing with all his might to Lana´s songs was worth the 250 kr I spent. It was indeed incredibly funny! That was actually the first concert I´ve ever been to! Can you believe that?


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  1. Aww you looks so cute!~ (´∀`)♥

  2. helloo <3 nice blog girl,
    how about following each other??
    greetz lenie

  3. You looked adorable! Og jeg er litt sånn meh til Lana Del Rey selv. Hun er gorgeous da!

    1. taaaak! Ja sjæl ass, men ja hun er en heit mama : D

  4. I like your hair, it's very cute here ^___^

  5. I like these hairstule, you look so great.

  6. I like Lana Del Ray a lot *-*