tirsdag 11. juni 2013

GALs in town ☆

Haiii everyone!

Today was a good and sunny day! My plan was to down town and meet some friends and go shopping!

This is the look for the day! Outfit of the day is soooo last year, from now on it´s makeup of the day!
You may also have noticed that I re-dyed my hair dark purple again because it had faded!

Stole this picture from Kimii´s Instagram (avantcouture) and for once I look fine HAH

Agepoyo is pretty much last year, so SNIGELPOYO is the new shit. SNIGEL

Being very cute with awesome people! It´s almost like a GAL´s and shit mini version! (me, Eivind, Kimii, Daniel & Ingvild). Pity my bowling head need so much space....

I didn´t find much stuff to buy, in face I only bought a magazine and a brown liquid eyeliner. The reason why I´m buying a brown one is because:

TADAH! Ingvild bought these AMOYAMO x Eyemazing lashes, but she didn´t like them so I got them <3 I LOVE THEM. 

And also got the new EGG issue (Nemoyayo´s hair color is so perfect! Flawless) and I got a GYDA makeup pouch with it! I actually wanted to buy Ageha since there is a Ank Rouge purse coming with the magazine, but honestly I´ve never read Ageha since it´s not my style of gyaru so I choose EGG. The pouch is handy anyway.

However something I still find funny is that EGG don´t have any age limit. I mean HONESTLY...

COME ON......my two words. Even if it´s cartoon I think there need to be an age limit eh...

Or maybe they have, but I´m blind? Or maybe people just don´t care at all. 

Anygays have a good night!


14 kommentarer:

  1. OMG! You're so cute
    I love your make up

    And Nemoyamo's haircolor is absolutly perfect!

    Kiss from France ^_^

  2. lol I read that issue just a few days ago XD never too young for anything you know!

  3. super crazy that dont have a age limit :O i think the same as you!

    1. right?! I think EGG should be for 15 + while Popteen could also be for younger generations.

  4. elskerhåret ditt :d så nydelig :d

  5. This cartoon is a bit too much, I would be surprised to see this while reading EGG :O
    You look good, I like the pictures~ (^o^)

  6. The Japanese Seventeen magazine has the same kind of cartoons and I felt so dirty reading that magazine when I was 11-years old :D

    I love your hair in those pics btw, it's lovely! *.*

    1. Sorry, I mean Cutie not Seventeen >.<

  7. this haircolor looks so good on you! *^* and the hairstyle suits you as well!
    and I'm sooo jealous of nemoyayo's haircolor T^T the cartoons are just too funny! xD men's egg is way worse though xD

  8. Girl you ALWAYS looks more than fine:)

    I agree that Nemo's hair is puuuurfect now, I really wanted that haircolor for a while now but honestly going to a school full of snobs is a bit no-no haha besides I have to bleach the crap out of my hair.

    Also if you would like the get the Ageha just for the Ank Rouge pouch...don't lol it's basically a miniature pouch for rings and earrings, I was surprised of the size haha but Ageha does have really nice hair tutorials:)

  9. I forgot to tell you but I nominated you for The Versatile Blog Award :D
    Hugs, from Churi<3