torsdag 13. juni 2013

Never take things too seriously. Consider life a gift and look stupid if you have to.

Haiii everyone!

Todays I want to talk about something I´ve been eager to talk about for a long time. Before I start
I´d like to state that everything I write is 100% my honest opinion. You´re obviously free to disagree with me and have your own opinion.

My first question is:

Gyaru is supposed to be a fun style, so why do I hear about so much drama and hate all the time?

I´m not only referring to the cyber bitching that happened recently, but also in general. Gyaru_Secrets for example. Why does it exist? Why can´t people put more effort into posting on Gyaru_Valentines?
Although I have to admit I check G_S now and then, but so do everyone else because it´s human nature to be curious and there is no reason in denying that. I won´t give that  ´´I only checked because someone told me I was on G_S´´-crap because we all know that´s pure bullshit. You checked because you either 1. wanted to  2. curiosity 3. both.

That aside, this post is not about: HEY EVERYONE! LET´S BE FRIENDS! BEST FRIENDS!!
No way, that won´t happen. You can´t be liked by everyone and you can´t like everyone, but surely you can keep the useless hate to yourself. What did mum tell you once? ´´If you´ve got nothing nice to say, DON´T SAY IT!´´. Listen to your mum because (in many situations) she knows best.

Second question:

You´re not perfect, they´re not perfect, why not help rather than... FAT!!! TOO BLACK!

I´m the luckiest gal ever to live in Norway. There aren´t many gyarus left, but I´m close to the few ones and I have a good connection to the ex-gals! Thanks to the help from them I´ve improved so much in my ´´gal career´´ and I consider myself extremely blessed. No slandering, no bitching, only helpful constructive criticism. That´s how it should be in the rest of the gal community. No one were a perfect gyaru to begin with, everyone´s got to start somewhere. To prove what I just said, here is some pictures of two girls I respect a lot:

First up is Sari:

She is a finnish hime-gyaru! I´m not really a fan of hime-gyaru, but she has definitely got my admiration because she always put so much effort into her coords and she is way dedicated to the style. Just see how far she´s come? Improvement much!

My friend Frida and ex-gyaru who did great with the style! It´s unfortunate she´s not gyaru anymore, but she was one of my biggest inspiration when I was a ´´newbie´´. She´s gone through great changes.

...and to take it one step further, even models had to starts from somewhere :


Maya Mori

So to say that someone´s not doing this well or not doing that well is not very helpful if you can´t tell them WHY. When it comes to race and body can someone show me where it´s written that big girls and black girls can´t be gyaru? I´ve seen many big girls who do gyaru flawlessly and the same goes with black girls! Fashion and style are not only for one type of body or race, people who think like that are way too narrow minded and need to let it go.

Third, but not least:

Too much focus on weight loss!

It´s completely fine to be cautious about what you eat and put effort into something you think will give great result, but when it´s taking over your life and causing depression because ´´why can´t I loose weight?´´ it´s gone way beyond the limit of what´s healthy. I´ve seen many skinny Gals that complain about how´´ fat´´ they are...

bitch please

Can I just slap you all?

You all look gorgeous and you know it, or you SHOULD know it. If not, there is something wrong with your self-esteem and THAT´S what you should be working with.

Learn to embrace your body and remember that not everyone was meant to be super skinny. Think about it this way. Isn´t it great enough that gyarus comes in all different sizes and shapes? It would be extremely boring if girls all had the same body. Having boobs, ass, hips or a bit of flabby tights is NOT fat.

The last thing I wanna say is HAVE FUN!

Whether it´s Gyaru, Lolita, Visual kei or other types of fashion you should have fun while practicing the style. If not, what´s the point? You don´t need to impress anybody, but yourself. There is no reason to throw shade at other girls because that won´t improve your style ever and to the gals and galos that has been through a lot, just remember:

The best revenge is to show how little you care, live on and do better because those who tries to bring you down are already below you.

 The freedom to express yourself through your fashion and at the same time have fun with it, that´s what gyaru is to me. Never take things too seriously. Consider life a gift and look stupid if you have to.

Always remember EGG´s slogan: 

Get wild and be sexy!


Girls just wanna have fun!

Have a good evening!


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  1. THANK YOU! I wish some would just get over themselves. This is supposed to be FUN! STOP with all the rule regulations and acting a Gyaru-God that decides who's in and whos out.

  2. I agree so much... I wrote a post like this about Lolita, and sadly this is a problem in many j-fashion styles in the western :(

  3. fant foresten denne, så det er flere som støtter deg :D:D


    Love this entry. LOVE IT. I can't express how much I agree and how well you choose your words in this post.
    Some gals and other jfashion people need to learn how to relax, while it takes great effort to look good this is not a job, it's supposed to be fun! And people who do nothing but hate and tear down other people within this scene need to get out or stop (preferably the last one, the more the merrier!).

  5. PREEEEAAACH. Oh I love your photo at the end with the Gyaru doing a strange pose. Get wild and be sexy is RIGHT~! I look up to you so much because no matter what bs people try to say about you, you always manage to have your head held high and your styles always look amazing~

    Definitely your #1 follower nao.

  6. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  7. Preach it!!!

    The main reason why I got into Japanese Fashion since I was a kid is because the Japanese experiment with their clothes a lot, and the endless possiblities! :D

    Some people need to see that it's not about being perfect, but to have fun, and enjoy being YOU! I hate those who think they're "Gods" and "You got to follow the rules or it won't be consider Gyaru." Or whatever. Pff!

  8. Thank you! This is just what I've been really needing to read. Although, a lot of Gyaru already told me, heh. I think I should just relax and just have fun with the style. ^^ There's so many things I can do!

  9. wow It will be so much fun and easy going in gyaru "world" if everyone shared your ideas, i think the same as you. And see gals get mad at each other or say means things, always breaks my heart, the community has so much potential... ah maybe we get there someday... hope more and more gals start to think like we do.

  10. loveed!! Everybody should think that :3

  11. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  12. im super agree at this post !definitely ppl need to start embrace their self more,there is nothing wrong having a certain type of style!after all, that what makes us unique ^^

  13. totally agree with you~! I wish more people will realise this (:

  14. YES. TO ALL THE POINTS. Thank you!
    And lol, I've actually been spending my sunday looking through old g_s posts, haha! All the troll posts and mean posts seem so silly and pointless.. Barnehageunger :P