tirsdag 18. juni 2013

Some inspirations

Haii everyone!

Today I wanna show you what´s my latest inspirations : D

Okarie  - Ank Rouge director
Being a big Okarie fan I had to put her on top! Tehe. In my opinion she´s perfect in every way. She is cute in a natural way, funny and have a great sense of fashion. She is getting close to what is called : Roma Gyaru (romantic gyaru) and that´s where I´m aiming too.

I even think she looks great with ´´natural´´makeup. 

Juria Nakagawa- MAM Avantgarde shop staff

The only person so far that has convinced me to think that hey, black can actually look good in coords!

The first time I got know about Juria was after someone pointed out my makeup looked just like hers!
I got curious and googled her and it was like ´´damn she´s is fierce´´pretty much love at first sights!

Risa- Katie model

I love Risa´s style. It´s so angelic, simple and yet extremely cute. On top of that she´s got such a beautiful dolly face, yet it stands out because her eyes aren´t round like O_O rather they´re more cat eye-shaped which is really pretty!

Mirai Saito- EGG model
The cutes model in EGG! Been a fan of Mirai for a long time, but lately even more since I really like
how she´s changed her style. She used to have a bit more of amekaji in her style, but now I can see it´s heading towards roma gal!

AMO- Zipper model and singer in AMOYAMO

First time I heard about AMO was on the Gals & Shit meet up in sweden, when the sweetest Malin said my hair looked like hers, at that point I had no clue who she was, but when I googled her I fell in love!
Her style kinda remind me about Risa´s, simple yet very eyecatching!

Now I wanna know who inspires you?

Leave a comment in the comment box : D


5 kommentarer:

  1. Ah! I love your inspirations, it's clear what look your aiming for too! (with one exception! Lol!) I love Okarie too! I think she's really amazing. I'm glad you shared this, I see some new inspirations too look at too! ^.^ Thankies!

  2. I love okarie too, she's so cute ♥
    It's the first time I see Risa, she's adorable, she looks like a doll.

  3. Your inspirations are so cute. I love amo <3

  4. I love Okarie too but she is so skinny! I liked Mirai more before she lost weight and changed her style hehe ( ^ _ ^ ' )
    But right now I mostly find inspiration from both egg and ageha in general ~