fredag 20. mai 2011


On monday I went out with some friends to a place called ''Midtåsen'' to have a photoshoot, nothing serious business, it was just to make something out of the day, really. I saw that as a chance to put together a mori-girl outfit as I'm going to be a model at Desucon for the j-fashion show .

I know my outfit is not perfect, it's my first attempt at this style, but I think it's not that bad for my first try.

It was a lot of fun. I wouldn't mind doing it again!
Click to enlarge the images:

This was taken by a coincidence , but It's actually one of my favourite XD

A shoot of my outfit, I might make some changes for Desucon.

Haha det bridge is so tiny so I look like a giant!

also some more unserious pics. AIM FOR THE STARS!!!


3 kommentarer:

  1. haha, fantastisk!
    Syns du greide stilen fint, og den kler deg ^^

  2. What a cute outfit!! Reminds me of Mori girl style :)