torsdag 26. juli 2012

10/7-12 Japan day 7: Forever 21

On this day we woke up around 15:30 because we went to bed to late (or would it be better to say EARLY?)

We basically just dressed up and went to have some dinner. Went to this ice-shop again where we had those delicious avicadoxshrimp-burgers last time. This time I had spicy sandwitch and Janicke had fruit sandwitch and then we just took from each other. Sharing is caring.


MY FOOD (I wish)

After that we went to Forever 21. There's this huuuge Forever 21 in Shibuya. 6 floors tall bb.
Janicke wanted to buy some clothes so I went with her.

I didn't buy anything myself . Only a new iphone-case as my old one started to bloody annoy me.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Herregud så dyre dessertene var! Vet ikke om jeg tør å være turist i Tokyo over lengre tid as

    1. dyre? jeg synes ikke det :p koster rundt 80 NOK og de er MYE større enn det lille lusne du får i Norge