fredag 27. juli 2012

11/7-12 Japan day 8: Akihabara and Shibuya 109

On day 8, we took the subway to Akihabara. If you like electronic stuff and otaku-stuff I recommend akihabara. They've got everything a anime lover want. Only not Sailor Moon.I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED . WHY NO SAILOR MOON??

For lunch we went to Code Geass cafè!
we so excited

the chair-covers where quite fascinating

 drink menu, lol they even have alchoholic drinks



so I had the pink non-alchoholic one. It tasted like strawberry milk. Just 10 times sweeter, but
I don't mind. I love sweet stuff.

finally got my food. ITADAKIMASU 

After lunch we went inside this big shopping center called Don Quijote. It's supposed to be quite famous in Akihabara, but very difficult to find as the name of the center is shown in japanese letters. No english, so we had to ask and look at maps on the street. 

 Sale on lashes so we went crazy.

At least I don't think I need to re-stock lashes for a while

I went totally crazy there and spend around 15 000 yen. My wallet lost weight.

Back in Shibuya we went to 109 as it was the last day of the 7 days bargain! I bought two dresses from Liz Lisa as it was sale!

Also a belt and a golden chain from Twisty and a pair of demin harem pant from MarpleQ which I'm in love with atm. I'll definitely buy more from MarpleQ!

The staff-girl from MarpleQ was so cool so I had to ask for a pic : D  woah!

And also went inside Ank Rouge and bought this set with skirt and blouse on sale.

The shop-staff girl inside Ank Rouge spoke english very well (that's the main reason we went into the shop lol) so it was much more fun talking to her as you didn't have to speak with a funny grammar or anything.

She was so surprised when I told her I was a huge fan of the director of Ank Rouge (and Popteen model) Okarie. I even told her that gyaru-fashion was really popular in europe. she had noe clue at all. (Wow REALLY?)

She was like: ''really?? I didn't know. Do you read popputeen as well?''

She was really nice, maybe a bit too nice as I felt I couldn't just leave without buying anything, but I'm glad I bought the set :' D because I loooove it!


unfortunately mine is in wash so this picture from their website will have to do!

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  1. I love love LOVE the girl from MarpleQs outfit :D
    Du har vunnet en liebster blogg award! ^^

  2. jaaa elsket henne : D også var hun så hyggelig! tusen takk for award!

  3. Oooomg, marpleQ-dama var HEIT! So cute :D

    1. jaaa også var hun kjempehyggelig : D