onsdag 25. juli 2012

9/7-12 Japan day 6: Meeting Akina and Shibuya Milky way live house

Today we had a appointment with Akina. A friend of us in Norway introduced her to us!

We decided to met in Ueno. Akina showed us around. Went to this old market and toy store with 6 floors. TAKE THAT NORWAY ( we later found out the korean k-pop group 2PM went there a few days after. OMG OK )

We also took some purikuras. The ugliest ever because we though the pic would snap at ''3'', but actually it snaps at ''4'' haha. You won't see it. I WON'T SHOW YOU

After Ueno we returned to Shibuya to have some dinner. We went with Akina to Hanamaru. A Udon/Noodle place. Their Udon was really delicious and we got to pick some of the food ourselve.

Pics stolen from Akina. So difficult what to choose huh?

Finally went for tempura eggplant, chicken and some kind of fish 

Akina smiling brighter than the sun. Ok ok she's  super pretty I admit it! HNGHGHG JELLY

Later that night we were invited to  Milky Way Live house in Shibuya. A Norwegian friend of us are living in Japan and playing in a band called Salty Dog (check them out) and the other day when we were in Harajuku we met them and so got invited to their play. Also a lot of other bands were playing. Kinda rock-ish/dark music if you like! I had a wonderful evning. 

This day must be the best day in Japan.

Inger (to the right) with some of her band mates from Salty Dog

After the plays we stayed there to wait for the ''after-party'' to start. We were guided to this bar called PINKS. You could call it a ''Rock bar'' because they only played rock (from what I heard?). The owner Yukino was very kind although his english wasn't very good we still managed to have a chat. He didn't knew where Norway was haha nor Sweden or Denmark, but he DID knew where London was . ok sweet lord

We also got to know some of the few people there: Shogo, Yuuko, Tatsuya and this guy I can't remember the name of. It's so damn annoying because he was really funny and nice! There wasn't many girls speaking to us expect Yuuko. She was really nice and I really liked that she was so open and friendly!

We stayed in the bar till 06:00 AM in the morning lol and then people started to draw on others faces lol oh Japan<3


After that we returned back to the Hotel. Tatsuya was heading the same way so we went down to Shibuya center together. He gave us a CD for his band: Delhezi (check it out!) and then we had to say goodbye, but before that he wanted to take a pics of me and Janicke.

He said something like: SUGOI KAO (something with amazing face?) yup we went out with monobrows!. So now this japanese guy has a really ugly picture of our faces on his phone. Safe. But then again I've got horrible pics of them so we're even! HAH

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  1. Haha funny to meet someone you know in Japan when you are there! and haha that picture! love your monobrows!

  2. well... we got to know Akina while we were in Japan, but it felt like we already knew each other. She was so nice : D haha I know the monobrows are hideous right?