tirsdag 31. juli 2012

12/7-12 Japan Day 9: Ikebukuro

First thing first. I don't remember I've posted a pic of our sexy pajamas at the hotel so here you go:

One word: surgeons

and then, let's get to business.

On this day we decided to go to Ikebukuro and pay Sunshine City a visit. My friend Celine had recommended it for us so yeah mama had to listen to the Japan-pro right?  Sunshine city is a big shopping center with a 60 floors tall observatory. There´s also a amusement-park thing (?) called Namja Town in there, but we didn´t go.


they had Maybelline x Hello Kitty mascara there! I should've bought one!

But we did go shopping (ofc) and had delicious ice cream at Coldstone! The ladies behind the desk at Coldstone were SO happy and friendly, they also sang a song for us while making the ice cream aww <3

After we came back to Shibuya I had to take a nap and then after that we wanted to go out for dinner, but since it was so late most restaurants had already closed except for those fast-noodle and curry shops, but after a bit of frustration we were really lucky to find this thai-restaurant hidden in a corner in Sentaa-gai. ´´Thai Garden´´to name it correctly had really delicious food! like REALLY! They even had fresh coconut juice and coconut-sticky rice!

My dessert: Coconut-sticky rice with honey-mango!

Janicke's: Coconut pudding!

After the ´´dinner´´we paid the Pinks Bar a visit again. Yukino and Tatsuya was working so we sat down and had a couple of drink while we tried to have a conversation in ENGURISHU , mostly about Norwegian salmon and j-rock-punk.

There was a terrible storm when we headed home, like screw the clouds, the umbrella we bought were totally useless, so we got completely soaked.
this is btw the sign for PINKS. If you ever find the place, pay it a visit : D

Wonderful, but that day overall was really great!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Did your desert taste good ? It looks so strange ..

  2. it was super yummy! yeah I know it looks kinda weird :´D

  3. I stayed at Ikebukuro for a few days the last time I went to Japan. I miss it so much!! I managed to get that Hello Kitty x Maybelline mascara where I live but I haven't tried it yet. The packaging is too cute!!!


  4. haha yeah i should've bought it just for the packaging :´D