lørdag 4. august 2012

Her majesty would like your help

G´evning sweets!

Alright so I know I´ve still got a few Japan-posts to finish,  but I´m getting there and I will post them when I´m done !

So now I want you to help me. For a while I´ve been completely out of ideas what to blog about ...like my head is all empty.

My simple question is just: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO WRITE ABOUT?

anything, like ANYTHING is fine (daily life? reviews? outfits? silly stuff? food? haul-posts?). Then you ask ´´why the hell don´t you just write anything then?´´

well to me all my readers are as important as one, because you make it more fun for me to blog and I really appreciate every each one of you. That´s why I think it´s better if you could give me some guidance about what to post, rather than me making post about....maybe something that´s completely uninteresting.

So if you have any suggestions you may leave a message in the comment box or mail me at :

mashimaro-rie@hotmail.com  : ) 

every suggestion is appreciated!

10 kommentarer:

  1. I would love it if you could do an article or two about string theory and explain the particle physics, quantum mechanics and just the general relativity behind it all. Would be greatly appreciated.

    1. LOL TINIUS. ok i´ll keep that in mind.

    2. Fantastic, love it.

  2. about korean food <3 <3

  3. The things you bought! I really want to see them :)

  4. Definitely about the things you bought:) also if you've taken some pictures of gals in Japan that would be great as an inspiration;)

  5. Take your camera (mobile, dslr or whaterver) and just take pictures of what inspires you. Whether its a crying child, a grey stone or the sea. Anything. Then post it~ :D

  6. I would love something like "101; In Japan for the first time"-ish stuff. Like where to shop lolita etc and good dining places for a reasonable price. Cuz I'm travelling to Japan, Tokyo, next year and I would love to have a head start on where to go 8D