søndag 5. august 2012

13/7-12 Japan Day 10: Tokyo Tower and Tower Records

On this day we decided to go to Tokyo Tower, when you first are in Tokyo so why not right?
(tried a bit lighter make-up. What I wore the other day was horrible tbh)

We wanted to go to the tower at night because the night view is better than in daytime so in the noon we went to this really huge cd/dvd-store called Tower records. It´s supposed to be very famous in Shibuya, so if you ever go to Shibuya then pay it a visit. You´ll find all kinds of cps there like....EVERYTHING. American, African, Norwegian, J-rock, J-pop, K-pop, J-punk you name it sweetie.

For lunch we had grilled mackerel at Ootoya! It was waaay too delicious, but unfortunately I don´t have any pics : (

At night we went to Hamamatsucho to go to Tokyo Tower as planned. The view from the Tower where beautiful!

When we came back we went to First Kitchen to grab some Bubble Tea and go. Then suddenly appeared two men (i´d guess they were around 30 or so?) they were really drunk and wanted to have a sip of our Bubble Tea like...FUCK YOU? I DON´T SHARE MY BUBBLE TEA WITH ANYONE ESPECIALLY NOT DRUNK OLD MEN

But the main reason they stopped us was because they wanted us to go into this Purikura-place with them, because that place is for ´´girl only´´unless you bring your boyfriend. MY BOYFRIEND? OLD MEN? please go and have a laugh darling

They were so persistent that I got really annoyed so just had to tell them straight out that NO was a no...didn´t even tried to be polite like we usually try because most Japanese are really polite even when drunk! In the end they gave up. Thank god for that.

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  1. The tower and the view is so beautiful. I would love to go here and experience this! I'm glad you enjoyed that.
    I'm glad to hear you are okay because drunk men can be so rude and sometimes violent. That was very disrespectful of them :( So happy they left you guys alone!

  2. The tower was truly beautiful. No regrets going there ;) they weren't violent, but there was many people around there so I wasn't worried in that way. They were just being...very annoying and persistent! : ) thank you sweet xx