torsdag 19. juli 2012

4/7-12. Japan day 1: The arrival

Hey sweets! 

Sorry for no updates at all while I was in Tokyo ... although I HAD Internet : / but the thing is when you have so much fun and are out all day and night you simply don't wanna spend your time inside blogging. Hope you understand. Anyway now you can look forward to loads of post from Japan :' D

I'll try to make a post for each day so I guess I should start with the very first day we arrived.

Arrived at Narita early around 08 in the morning and got our luggage shortly after. I love it when you spot your luggage at the first glance :' D

Then we somehow managed to find the line for Narita express. Yup if you wanna get to the center of Tokyo I recommend Narita express. It take around 1 hours and 30 minutes and the seats are very comfy even with two big suitcases taking up the space haha :'D

Our hotel was in Shibuya or to be more precise: Shibuya Tobu Hotel. It was hella lotta work to find that hotel even though it was really central (and it was so hot that day we though we were going to melt). Well... because we probably exited the wrong entrace lol and the japanese are quite helpful, but I'm going to be honest. They SUCK in english, but as for my wonderful luck I found this american-japanese guy sitting in front of Hachiko. He spoke perfectly american AND japanese so really saved us.

We found the hotel shortly after, but couldn't check in before 14:00 so we had to wait like... 2 hours??? NO WAY.

So we found a Starbucks nearby.

The finally time to check in. The hotel room was smaller than expected, but very clean and the most important of all they had air-condition and a tv with big screen lol

Then the disappointing part. I went down to the lobby to ask for an outlet, but got to know they had no more. I even mailed then in advanced and asked and they said they had. I think it would have been good if they were more precise in the mail about having limited outlets. And the guy behind the desk was terrible in english so he didn't understood me when I asked for where I could get one.

So unfortunately no curling iron, straightener or laptop the first day, but we somehow survived.

To make it worse we found out Japan did not like Janicke's visa card so she couldn't take out any money nor use her card which was kinda we had to mail her dad (yeah no signal on phone bleh) and he had to transfer all the money to me so we kinda relied on my card the whole stay. Tiring, but we somehow managed to keep the accounting (that's what you call it?)

After taking a looong powernap we went out to have dinner and since we are dumb tourists, we just went for the first and fastest; FIRST KITCHEN lol

but the food was quite ok and their bubble tea with ice cream was quite delicious .

I had Mentaiko pasta and mango bubble-tea!

After the meal we just walked around checking out the place. Also went inside Shibuya 109, yup the Hotel is located only 5 minutes walk away from the shopping center <3 I had to get a bag so that's why we had a quick look inside. 

The shop inside was smaller that expected, but no complains at all because all the clothes were amazing <3 and also it smelled really as in REALLY good inside there. Even right now I'm annoyed I never asked what that smell was lol

We went inside this small bag shop (I don't remember the name sorry) and I finally got my bag.

all pink'n stuff!

So phew I guess that was our first day all in all, not very interesting though haha

4 kommentarer:

  1. So typical that the first day is so stressful.

    You're so lucky to be in Japan, I want to go shopping there too :(

  2. haha yeah can't be helpen, but at least the rest of the stay was wonderful : D

  3. sounds so much fun!! looking forward next posts, Japan must had been pretty exciting!

  4. Japan was worth every single penny : DD