fredag 20. juli 2012

5/7-12. Japan day 2: Park, Museum, Korean BBQ and Shopping

The next day I woke up really early due to jetlag, to be more precise around 04:00 ...  since Janicke was still sleeping I went out for a walk in the center of Shibuya. It was still pretty cool outside and not many people on the street so it was really nice. I passed 109 and had to snap a pic haha.

And oh btw forgot to post a pic of our hotel room in the last post, but here it is. Not the biggest room, but fine enough.

After Janicke woke up around 10 or so (how the hell come she doesn't jetlag bitch???) we went to have some breakfast. I don't remember the name of the place, but we had avocadoxshrimp burgers and it was super duper yummy <3


Janicke had her precious meron soda with ice cream and I had Mango vinegar soda ~

After the breakfast we decided to be a bit cultural and paid Nabeshima shoto park and the Shoto art museum a visit since it was close by walking from Shibuya.

Isn't the park beautiful? I was smaller than we expected though

The we headed back to the hotel to have a power nap and after that we went out for dinner. We had Korean BBQ and probably the most expensive meal during our stay this evening, but it was really delicious!

Enjoying my iced green tea :'D

The after the meal we went inside 109 again. The seven days bargain had just started and the atmosphere was completely different from the quiet last night. Everyone had megaphone and screaming TAIMU SEIRU TAIMU SEIRU and some japanese I couldn't understand. It was crazy haha! But I guess I was lucky to be in Tokyo while everything was on sale : D

I bought this top from Ank Rouge and it was so akward when I tried because I thought it was a one piece and was like:

'' It's a bit short I'm sorry'''

Then the staff-girl tried to explain to me, but her english wasn't very good so it was like :

¤#%&/&%¤ (something in Japanese) ''no one piiii, nooo one piii''.

I was like

But then she took this shorts and combined it to the top and said:

I was like: 

You should've seen her face it was like she had seen the ligh hahah XD
-she almost screamed haha so cute

Isn't the top cute :-D? I wanna wear this type of clothes forever and ever <3

I also bough these pair of jeans from D.I.A on sale! I've been wanting them ever since I saw Manya wearing them in EGG: 

so I was SO happy when I saw they still had them in stock and ON SALE?? GOD BLESS D.I.A

I love gold ok

PS. (I don't plan on posting pics of all the stuff I bought, because it's just too much, but I'll make a haul post in the end to show you some of my favourites : )
and that's basically the second day all in all

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  1. Hahaha ONE PIII hahhaha jeg dør her. Språkbarrierene må være litt irriterende da.

    SYKT FINE BUKSER HERREGUD JEG DØR. DIA må ordne seg en online shop hahah

  2. HAhah ja kommunikasjonen har vært syykt vittig : D

    Jeg synes de også burde ordne seg en webshop :c menja drømmebuksene i boks!