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6/7-12 Japan day 3: Harajuku and Hamamatsucho

So on this day we met up with a old friend of mine: Vibeke. She and her boyfriend was also staying in Tokyo. It was their last day so we decided to go to Harajuku together. It's not that far walking from Shibuya to Harajuku so yeah we had a nice walk!

My look for Harajuku!

Harajuku was interesting, but since it was a weekday there wasn't many people dressing up and stuff so kinda disappointing. I bought some stuff from the Liz Lisa store there, but they are in Janicke's suitcase so I'll post pics when I get them : )

Inside Wonder Rocket. If you like the Mori Girl-style I recommend this store. It's pretty cheap and the clothes are really cute!

We also went for some crèpe. 

If I remember correct I had number 19 with anko and ice cream, it was
so yummy !

After Harajuku Vibeke and her boyfriend taught us how the Yamanote subway line worked. (If you go to Tokyo, you better learn this one or you're screwed as taxi there is hella expensive) Then we took the subway to Hamamatsucho to visit the Pokemon Center! They had so much stuff in there, but mostly only the newer generation Pokemons : ( I wanted a Squirtle-plushie. </3 WHY.

But this badass fella made my day


After this we had to say goodbye to Vibeke, then we went back to Shibuya. This evening we tried to find club ATOM as we've heard so much about it and they hand out fliers every now and then, but did we find it? OF COURSE NOT

So we ended up at...lol STARBUCKS AHAHAH. But their macha frappuchino was really yummy so it's okay. A lot of stuff happened this night so it was quite fun.

First you had some men that though we were whores LOL ok I don't blame them we were kinda dressed up. 

something like this yeah

Then you had this guys who tried to get my attention by screaming ''SEKUSHI GYARU'' wow wonderful that was really awkward and I didn't even knew what to say.

And last we finally met a normal guy named Tomo ...on our way out from Family Mart. He spoke english quite well and wished us welcome to Japan.

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    Tror jeg hadde dødd av latter...
    Eller løpt vettskremt vekk xD ...
    Japan turen hørtes awesome ut!!!! :D

    (Ida Therese)

    1. haha jeg bare ignorerte han! tror kanskje det var best. Japan var kos <3

  2. U look pretty :3

  3. Det var gøy å møte deg :D
    Jeg savner Japan D: T_____T
    Jrg og Joachim drar kanskje til Japan neste år. Jrg vil bo der OMG!


  4. Ja var kjempekos å møte dere : D savner Japan selv, skal begynne å spare snart til en ny tur :'D

  5. I love shopping at Harajuku & Shibuya too~
    あと原宿のクレープおいしいですよね o(>~<)o


  6. yeah same : D i do really really miss it!