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7/7-12 Japan day 4: Laforet and Club Asia

The day after we decided to go back to Harajuku , because we love Harajuku ok . This time we took the subway to test out our Suica cards (you get your own suica card for the subway, each time you beep it they charge you for money so you have to top up now and then, but waay easier than buying a single ticket for each travel. I'll make a better post about it later)

We had a nice look around in Harajuku. I bought a hoodie with eyeball print! Here you have a pic:

I really love it! It's so comfy!

Since we only walked around Takeshita-dori with Vibeke and co last time we decided to go to Omotesando this time (you could call it Harajuku's main street).

This time we went inside Tokyo plaza

Inside Tokyo Plaza you'll find Jugeetta if you like than brand as you won't find it in Shibuya.
Jugeetta is kind of like Liz Lisa's ''older sister''. The clothing are a bit more elegant than cute with less ribbon, laces and pink. 

Then we headed to the famous Laforet.

At first glance Laforet seem to be quite normal, until you go down to the bottom floor. There you can find all type of crazy clothings. All from Goth,punkt to Lolita and fairy-kei, but I warn you. The prices are CRAZY.

Went inside this cute shop called Nile Perch. Perfect for fairy-keis, but I didn't buy anything as it was SUPER EXPENSIVE. A jumper was like 15 000 yen???!

Inside Angelic Pretty. A sweet lolita shop. All the dresses are between 20 000- 35 000 yen heh money...

after walking around we got tired and went inside a small coffee-shop in Omotesando. I ordered ''Love tea''

If you ever go to Japan I recommend Love tea , it tastet like tea, but had this special sweet taste and wasn't bitter at all.

We also went to have dinner at a chinese restaurant. I FINALLY GOT MY NIKUMAN!

After we returned home we wanted to give it one my try to find ATOM, this time we found it with a bit help from a friendly waiter in the curry place we had our dinner. And wow that must be one of the most sleaziest street I've been to. The street were located quite central in Shibuya and well... there you'll find all the love hotels, bars and clubs  haha

Anyway the disappointing part: the guy from ATOM said they only took passport for foreign tourists. like WTF DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BRING MY PASSPORT WHILE I'M CLUBBING??? IF I LOOSE IT WILL YOU HELP ME LOOK FOR IT? screw you ATOM

So we went to the next club called: Club Asia. The guy there was waay nicer and listened to us when we tried to explain how the ID's worked and we got in!

The clubbing overall was disapointing because the Japanese (maybe asians in general) have a another way to club than us ''westerns'' they don't really dance crazy around. They face the DC and just take some step back and forth eh....I respect that, but for us that have just been RUSS, their style was quite booring. The only good thing is that we didn't have to buy or second drink because some guys bought it for us. Saved my money thank you.

Around 02:00 more people started to come lol and that night there was a local band playing so well at least something interesting. We went back to the hotel around 03:30 If I remember correct?

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