tirsdag 24. juli 2012

8/7-12 Japan day 5: Shinjuku

This day we took the subway to Shinjuku! Didn't do anything special though.. just walked around and had a look.

Shinjuku is quite different from Shibuya. Less clothing shopping and more tall buildings.

We had minced meat and curry for lunch, but in my opinion it looks like something different  mmm

( ok never mind I'm so freaking childish)

I bought my Hey! Say! JUMP cd!
They're 2012 release is a collection of their old songs <3

When we returned back to the Hotel we wanted to have a powernap, but lol we overslept and woke up around 23:00 AHAHHAHA so we couldn't really do very much. We dressed a bit up, took some pics. Went to have dinner and then Starbucks.

After Starbucks this guy handing out fliers came to us and said something in japanese. Then we said we did not speak Japanese and you should've seen his face. He wouldn't believe it for all the money in the world and went all: ''REARIIII REAAARIII REARIII??''

We said yes and then he went to his co-worker that was standing a few meters away. I heard him say something like: ''MAJIDE? NIHONJIN JANAI??'' ok assume that's something like ''really? they're not japanese?''

And then he came running back to us and once more: ''REARRIII? NO JAPANESE?? WHERE U FROM??''

We told him we where from Norway and he was like: ''oh NORUWEII? NORUWEIIIII?? SUGOI''

and then he put his hands up and started to wave and shout : ''OK OK GOOODOO NAITO GOODOO NAITO YEAH YEAH HAV A NAISU EVNINGU'' If I didn't knew better I'd thought he was drunk

That was so funny, but he was very nice and not persistent at all like a few other people we've met .

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