søndag 18. november 2012

Birthday Party with Glitter & Glam Pt. 1

Hi Gals!

Yesterday I celebrated my 20th birthday along with my roommate Viktoria and my friend Celine. I didn´t really had any chance to do something on thursday (my actual birthday) as I had exam next day.

The party was held at our apartment and the theme was: Glitter & Glam. So everyone had to dress up a bit.

Make-up and hair for the night. I totally forgot to put in my extention-piece, but I guess my own
hair is ok as it is.

Some people slept over and we decided to camwhore before the party started, while everyone still looked stylish. Now that´s the best attempt at trying to get everyone in one shoot. I love my friends.

Erlend , the fiercest among them all. I love his scarf from  Maison Martin Margiela !

hoe and hunk. 

J and me. We kinda matched haha. Not the hair though..

Monica, me and Maria.
Pretty gals <3

(I stole this from Monica´s instagram.) 

Everyone was so stylish and fabulous I don´t even. I had loads of fun and the party was awesome until the neighbor had enough LOL, but that´s a another story.

FINALLY 20. now...GET A LIFE!!!!

11 kommentarer:

  1. Love your make-up! so beautiful! :D

  2. You are really pretty! I like your makeup and your hairstyle! :D

  3. Happy birthday! You look amazing :D

  4. Love the look you had for the night, really pretty :3

  5. Happy belated birthday!
    You all look gorgeous!

  6. HÆLVETE XTRALÆRGE, DU ER SÅ FJS9E+I)( #(N%$=" PEN! Du,kan jeg, lissom,stjele penheten din?

  7. Happy late birthday! Everyone looks so glam, definitely love this theme ♥