torsdag 27. desember 2012

Learning para para and some of my favorite routines

Hi gals!

Usually I would make a post about how my christmas was just like everyone else, but unfortunately I forgot my usb cable to my camera back at my apartment in Oslo so that will have to wait.

Instead I decided to make a post about some of the para para routines I´m trying to learn at the moment.

1. Shibuya Nation.
One of the first routines I started learning after I got into para para, it´s one of those routines that´s really tiring to do. Especially the movements at 1:30, but nonetheless it´s one of the routines I keep dearest. It reminds me about those ´óld days´´when more girl were into gyaru here in Norway!

2.Sousei no aquarion (by Nagisa)
Although I get freaked out by the ´´heart pose´´the egg-girls do at the beginning, the routine itself is
incredibly fun to do and it´s not very difficult either. I´ve only got a few step left to learn.

3.Sukidayo Zuttosukideshita( the hell do you pronouce that? ಠ_ಠ)

I came over this one by a accident, but this one really caught my attention. It kinda looks like some kind of ´´chicken-dancing´´, but that´s what made it funny for me. I´m having a lot of fun learning this one.

...and last, but certainly not least: my favorite routine which I don´t know the name of.
It´s such a shame because I really love everything about it, pity it´s so short...

It´s such a happy routine that instantly gives me the feel of summer. Like...
I want summer NOW!

I would love to do a routine with someone else one day. I hope I´m not the only one still into para para?
I know it´s kind of getting old now among the gals, but for me it´s not. Be your own trendsetter hah


It´s also a great exercise . It may look easy, but girl I dare you to try it out. Sometimes my arms hurts until the next day. If anyone are still interested in para para please let me know!

I´ll just leave it there for now.

Agepoyo and sparkle! 

. ⁺‧.∗̥✩⁺˚⁺✧.⁺‧.∗̥✩⁺˚⁺✧.⁺‧. 

8 kommentarer:

  1. Awmg,, I thought it had died! But it´s alivee! Not that I´m that good of a dancer but I used to know the Shibuya Nation and Ike Ike routine. Now I only remember Night of Fire >w<

    1. it has kind of died, but girl i wanna keep it alive for myself at least!

  2. Jeg så nå at jeg fortsatt den øverste videoen der lagret på pcen fra du visste meg/oss den i timen en gang hoho. Husker også at jeg failet miserably på å danse den da, men det var gøy anyway. - Pernille

    1. ååh kom å dans para para med meg i Oslo!

  3. Aaah, fine videoer ja :D Jeg kan jo Shibuya nation fra før, danset jo den på desucon HE HE HE. Den er kjempegøy!
    Den "Sukidayo Zuttosukideshita" er "Suki da yo" (I like you) og "zutto suki deshita" (I've always liked you). Så vet du det x)
    Shit, jeg og får lyst til å begynne med para para, det er jo så gøy! Og en grei day-to-day workout :) Lykke til :D

    1. ah tusen takk!! Kom til Oslo så vi kan danse sammen engang : D takk takk!

  4. I'm also a para para dancer =D I think it's really funny, and a good exercise xDD
    Awww I love that song "Suki da yo, zutto suki deshita", I'd love to learn the routine, but the vid's been deleted... TT.TT

  5. By the way, the name of the last song is "Sailor clothes (meaning those school uniforms) and loose shocks" =)