lørdag 29. desember 2012

Polkadots ,waves & over 200 followers

I was looking through my camera when I stumbled upon a outfit I had forgot to post. Just because I care if you don´t.

I´ve had so much to do lately so no wonder. Talking about much to do...I didn´t even notice 
I´ve now got over 200 followers! Where is the Champagne?  Thanks to every single girl (and guy?) who reads my blog. You´re a big motivation! 200 might not be a big number for some people, but for me it´s really a big deal so really thanks again!

I think this one was from the jfash-workshop before christmas (?). Here I am wearing some of the clothes I got from Ingvild. Le rose on my face because I love roses.

Dress: Dreamv
Cardigan: Heaven & Earth.
Earrings: Liz Lisa
Hair: My own

Some details. I´m in love with the dress. I love polkadots!

Armcandies. Bough the big ribbon one also from Ingvild. 

Thanks for now xx

11 kommentarer:

  1. whaaah ;v; so cute! I love the bracelets a lot!

  2. Wow! The accessories look so adorable! : D

  3. lovely outfit and congrats with all the followers :D

  4. congrats with 200 followers! *u* and this outfit is really cute! the hairstyle too :3

  5. Aw, so cute! Love your dolly eyes~

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  6. aww thanks for the compliment : )