lørdag 5. januar 2013

New Liz Lisa jacket soon to be mine

Happy 2013 guys!

I didn´t exactly had a great start this year . I caught a flu (not swine flu) and I´ve been in bed for 4 days, sleepless at night with running nose. I look like Rudolph. Only yellow. Today I got a little better so I decided to go and earn some precious money, but dear ...that was painful. I had a hard time concentrating so I had to go home early. 

Anyway I´m slowly getting better and this is s not what I want to talk about eh...

I actually wanted to show off my latest purchase!
This lovely Liz Lisa winter jacket

One of the things I love most about new years is sale as in  S  A  L  E , my four favorite letters.
This coat was originally 16 590 yen, but was on sale for 8295 yen. 50 % off! So I had to have it.
I actually wanted a more classy coat from Ank Rouge, but the one I wanted was sold out in the color I liked (and I didn´t liked the other colors) so I went for this casual jacket. A coat also has its cons, like compared to this jacket it´s uncomfy to have/wear when you spend so much time in the library. 

Like when I wanna take a power-nap on the table then I´d prefer to have this over me than a heavy coat. So overall I´m glad I went for this one : ) I just hope everything is gonna go smoothly and safe so I receive it soon!
Here is the model of the coat, but I picked the pink one. Actually I got a mail from the service that the pink one was out of stock...then I said they could go for the white one, but as they were placing the order they saw the pink one got a little re-stock and ordered the pink one instead! Thank you for making the right choice!

you can wear the hood two ways. 

From distance it looks like a normal coat you can get in any store, but baby Liz Lisa always make something special out of it! The details. Yup, I fell in love with the lacy details and the tiny ribbon on the zip. I´ve always loved details and I never overlook them. Sometimes it can make a boring item really interesting!

kira kira kawaii sugoi lolita bbq (≧▽≦kya nya

... here is the pink version I ordered! I can´t wait to get it! Come at me mister winter!
I´m prepared!!

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  1. Lovely jacket<3 Would love one me too :D

  2. awwww so cute!


  3. hvor bestiller du liz liza? <3 de har de søteste klærne (og butikkene!!) som finnes, men jeg klarer ikke finne ett sted på internett å kjøpe det

    1. hei! jeg kjøpte den på den offisielle nettsiden dems : )

  4. Søt! Bruker du shopping service?

    Håper du er frisk igjen nå!♡

  5. That jacket is soooo adorable. Can't wait to see it on you :>

  6. ahh so lucky! I love liz lisa <3 <3


  7. Hello, sweetie! Thank you for following my blog! <3 I always check out my new followers blogs and I really like yours. I also love LizLisa!