fredag 25. januar 2013

Liz Lisa 2013 spring collection

So if you´re a big Liz Lisa fan you might already know that they´ve just released their spring collection (at least some of it). I personally always find their autumn collections the most interesting, but this year some of the spring items caught my attention.

Old school flower print

Liz Lisa for me has always been about floral prints, pastel colors etc. This onepiece look very much alike the one they had in 2011 (if I remember correct). The one Lena fuji was wearing on the catwalk. I personally liked the one from 2011 more, but this one is still very cute and I´m glad they stick to their basic patterns. 

Pastel pants

I´m happy they´re selling more pants now. Early spring in Norway is a bit colder than in Japan and wearing a skirt can be pretty cold sometimes. I myself have got plenty pairs of jeans in my closet, but to be honest they´re all very boring-looking and similar. I´m glad Liz Lisa has got it fixed. I might just order a pair of pants from them soon!

Ruffle skirt

This springs ruffle skirts are in my opinion adorable! Blue is back baby! Last spring it was mint green. I personally really like mint green, but blue too is cool. My favorite is the last one were pastel blue is blended with coral pink. I really do adore the color combination.

Last, but not least...


I seriously can´t remember last time Liz Lisa presented something THIS yellow. It reminds me about easter chicken. It looks crazy and I LOVE IT! Yellow has never been my color, but I really like this jumper. You make it work Liz Lisa!

What do you think about the spring collection this year?

9 kommentarer:

  1. I really love the flower print onepiece *_* Also the skirts are very cute *_* Don't know what to think about the pants..but looks cute anyway *_*

  2. Liz Lisa always makes me so excited for spring! I'm definitely looking forward to their one pieces <3

  3. Ah, all the pieces are so cute! >w<
    I really love it too! The ruffled skirts and the old school flower print dress are my favourite! ^w^

  4. the dress has a really nice romantic feel to it :)
    and the skirts are super adorable

  5. Liz Lisa!! Love their clothes soo much. It's always so cute and pretty <3

  6. The skirts are so cute~ : D Much love!

  7. The dress is my favourite! You should try the pants for something different. I love the blue things since it's so nice and fresh. The skirts are super adorable and I the yellow jumper is an unexpected surprise which I like.

  8. Good lord I love the last skirt (the bluexfloral corset one). It wouldn't fit into my wardrobe though, ffff. It's so gorgeous ;__;

    The dress is also gorgeous ahhhh. I've always been a secret fan of Liz Lisa, I looooove the floral girly romantic kind of styles that they do, but as you know I'm much more of a rock/goth/shitlikethat wearer, so I never really got anything from them ._.

    You'd really look good in all of these though. GET RICH AND BUY ALL THE LIZ LISA SO I CAN OGLE YO hahha