onsdag 23. januar 2013

Reunion for 3 & going back to J-rock

Last weekend I took the train to Erlend who now lives in Ski (or Skibuya as we like to call it). A reunion were supposed to take place at his house, but people kinda....ditched out the last minutes (some people with fair reasons, while some people....ok I don´t know).

In the end it was only Erlend, me and Christine. I kinda feel sorry for Christine who travelled all the way from Bergen just to find out... that we were only tree left, but nonetheless it was fun!

It´s wasn´t like what I had expected at all, but with fewer people you get the chance to talk and gossip more am I right? I hope next time people will be better at planning how to spend money. To be honest I´m a little bit annoyed because it´s not like this was decided tree days before. We had five months in advance to save up money. Then again people might´ve had personal reasons behind this, so I´m not gonna make it sound so horrible.

Stole this one from Erlend. I was trying to do a Sadako although the hair color is wrong.
I love Christine´s hair. It was so thick and gorgeous, she later curled it and those damn curls stayed until morning, even after she had slept for so long. I am forever jealous. As for me..yeah wishing upon a shooting star...!

The highlight of the evening in my opinion must´ve been the para para dancing!
None of the girls I´m living with seems to be interested in para para so I´ve kinda been practicing in my room by myself all the time (forever alone), so it was nice to dance with someone that actually knew a few steps.

I think this is seriously the only presentable picture of me from that day, no seriously.. apparently my face didn´t want me to take any pictures, but that´s okay because I need to stop being so vain (nevah).

As you can see I´m not wearing any circle lenses here. I´m practicing gal make-up without them as I´ve decided to take better care of my eyes and wearing circle lenses all the time won´t help . I know I probably look less gal without them, but I´m practicing and I´ll get there.

I´ve by the way started to listen to j-rock again. They kinda started to have a big conversation about it and Erlend´s CdxGamesxMovies-collection were huuge and I got sucked in heh.

I used to listen to it before, but I only liked Kaya and Versailles, now I´ve fallen for
Blu Billion and Schwarz Stein.

It seems like everyone is just going for k-pop nowadays. I like a few groups when it comes to k-pop, but besides Hyuna there´s none k-pop artists I really worships. I have to admit that j-pop and j-rock still stays in my heart till these days (probably because that´s what I´ve been listening to the most ever since I was a kid).

Here is one of my favorite songs from Blu Billion. When Erlend gave me a bunch of j-rock bands I instantly fell in love with them. I love the vocalist´s voice. Most j-rockers are deep voiced, but this guy really has a special voice and I LOVE IT. I also really like the guitar playing in the background.

You just wait, in a few months you´ll be seeing me on the street of Karl Johan wearing nothing but black and studs. 



Good night.

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  1. You look awesome and I know these kind of plans and how they turn out.. it's just so sad.
    BUT love you for going back to j-rock. I think the same about kpop and its quite annoying (but i love Hyuna though..)

  2. I feel terrible about the meet-up, because I really wanted it to happen. In early January I didn't have any money so I said no, but then I suddenly got alot and I spent it later on clothes - although when I finally got some money the prices had already been raised alot. My situation is also abit complicated as I depend alot on my parents since I can't get a goddamn full time job (it's easier to hide new clothes than going to Oslo if that makes sense). I only earn a few thousands a month, and I usually spend it all on food or similar, so I never had much money to save - although I'll admit I'm really bad at saving money too >_<

    Excuses apart, you all looked awesome! I really hope we'll make another reunion which more people can go to hahaha.

    I still like a few jrock bands/artists, but not far as many as before (can probably count them with one hand), and I rarely listen to them. I just don't like that kind of music as much as before, but the k-pop craze is abit... crazy. Some of the fandom is especially scary. But ah, I won't deny that I do like k-pop alot. Some of it seems as if it's just made for me, which is why I enjoy it so much I guess. To each his own yayaya

    I'M SORRY FOR WALL OF TEXT!! TL;DR I suck at saving money & I don't know why I don't listen to j-rock anymore.

    1. haha well It´s okay and I kind of understand about the shopping part :´D hope there will be more people next time!!

  3. I think it's a good thing that you try gyaru make up without lenses, it's much more healthy for your eyes! But yes, it's a pretty hard look to pull off >< I think putting your bottom lashes closer to your eye will make it work more. When you wear lenses the space between bottom lashes and your real lashes doesn't seem so big because your iris(?) looks bigger so when you don't wear lenses the space becomes more obvious. I hope you understand what I mean, it's really hard to explain, but I figured that out after I started wearing gyaru make up in daily life more often.
    I will check out this band you posted! I didn't listen to new jrock music for a while >< versailles is also awesome! *-*

    1. oh you know, I´ve never though about that, but it sounds actually really logic! Thanks for telling me girl! I´ll try it out : D

  4. God I hate when people break appointments
    .. especially so sudden :S I think you look so pretty without your circle lenses, its more natural :D

    1. thank you girl! I´m glad I don´t look too weird : )