søndag 27. januar 2013

Welcome to my closet my new Liz Lisa darling

Last week I finally got my Liz Lisa order ! If you read this blog regularly you might remember I made an order on a winter jacket from them as I was in desperately in need for one. 


Not really, but yes I had to have a light pink one. I´ve got a hot pink from Gant, furry white from River Island, khaki green from Garula, off-white from H&M and so why not a different color this winter? The last thing I want is to wear boring black(ok black can be pretty fashionable sometimes, but you get my drift).

So here it is:

Tadaaah! I LOVE IT! It was not a long as I had hoped for. It looked bigger on the model, but hey it was one size and I´m obviously taller and bigger than the model. I´m just grateful that I can fit into Liz Lisa´s clothes. 

The jacket is kinda simple, maybe not very Liz Lisa´ish ? That´s why I fell for it, I can use this whenever I want as it´s so casual and comfy. Welcome to my closet baby! 

Those star-printed pants are by the way from MarpleQ. I know it looks weird with the jacket, but I was in a hurry and didn´t really bother to change :´D 
Still got the time for pictures thought. I´m a dedicated person, be glad.

(I like my smile in this picture though :´-D I often get to hear that I can´t smile. Yes sweetheart I can, but what I CAN and what I WANT is two completely different things)

...also I just noticed how stupid red lipstick looks with this jacket. Ok, lesson learned. Never again. Besides having pink bed sheets, pink towels, pink garbage can, pink make-up purse, half of my closet filled up with pink clothes (wanna guess my favorite color?). I´ve never actually owned a PINK LIPSTICK. I never gave it any thought since it never bothered me, but now...

Anyone wanna recommend me a good one?

Brand and color?

I´m looking for a pale pink one, not Barbie´s hot pink.

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  1. The jacket is really cute! Lucky girl that can fit into Liz Lisa clothes!

    I think you have a really cute smile, you should smile more often because I hear it exercises your face:P

    Hmmm I currently use Canmake's creamy nude lipstick and I love it:) If you don't want to order online you can try Gosh's 134 Darling lipstick which I used before the Canmake one. Other than that I can recommend a lipstick which I love, MAC's Saint Germain, it's stronger but really pretty on the lips.

  2. You look sooo cuuute! ♥

    I also second what Dokiri said about the lipsticks. Although, I prefer the gosh-one, although I have the canmake ones too. Because they look so... cakey and kinda too opaque for "normal use" for me. But both are super-nice!! ^o^

    And you have a very cute smile ; u ;

  3. I want this jacket too *_* haha.

  4. YOU LOOK ADORBS!! The jacket is very you and super cute.

    I can't recommend any light pink lipsticks yet, because I have yet one who matches me! Just a tip: Alot of light pinkish lipsticks which look good on caucasians doesn't necessarily look good on asian skintones.
    I fell for that once. I looked up swatches and pictures of a certain lipstick shade, I liked it so I ordered it... when I tried it on myself it looked horrible hahaha. So I would recommend going to a irl store for lipsticks and try them out. Maybe you know your skintone better than I do though haha

    Though, tbh I don't think those pants or the lipstick looks to terrible with the jacket!

  5. Red lipstick doesn't look stupid with it - you manage to pull it off!
    But pink lips - MAC has some gorgeous shades in really good quality! ^^
    That jacket is adorable - I wish I had it too! >w<


  6. Thank you guys for recommendations! I´ll check the brands out!

  7. Fabulous outfit!~
    You look great!! :)


  8. Hello! I don't know how light pink you want to buy,but you can try this one: http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Candy_Doll_Lip_Stick_Ramune_Pink_p/lipglossramunepink.htm

    My friend has it,it's good and really light ^^ Or any other of their lipsticks/lip glosses :)