søndag 13. januar 2013

Merry ´´belated´ Christmas

So yesterday I came back to Oslo and my lecturers are starting already tomorrow.
I finally got my cable to my camera (which I forgot to bring with me home for christmas) so this is a delayed x-mas post which I decided to post in the end after all.

 Before going home :´D tehe 

I spent my holiday working, being lazy, playing KH birth by sleep and sleeping. It´s almost a shame how much I slept.  

Anyway let´s talk about Christmas. I hope everyone had a lovely celebration. This year my cousin came to visit us from London! As usual we didn´t have any traditional Norwegian dishes (words cannot express how fed up I am with ´´Ribbe´´)

Instead we had...

 Hot pot! 

Basically you just put the ingredients in the cooking pot, let it cook and eat it! We have it every year and I love it! 

 It was mostly sea food, but we also had udon!

At night we sat around the table having wine, coffee and cakes. Since I´m not really a big fan of either wine or coffee I helped myself to way too much cake. I almost feel guilty.

Oh this may not be relevant, but It was snowing heavily the 23rd so our christmas lights was covered with snow the up-following days. I thought it looked very fascinating!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! Take a deep breath and go for a new start! Mine started with
a flu :´D

12 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow so many lovely dishes *_* You're making me hungry now! Want <3

    You look so pretty :3

    1. aww thank you beautiful! I love our meals every xmas! I´m glad we don´t eat traditional Norwegian!

  2. All that food makes me so hungry .
    Your makeup is really good and it suits you very well :)

  3. loe ur eyemake! eihh..that food makes me hungreeh!

  4. dat food...holy jesus and mary! *drool*

    lol my new year also started with a flu xD I think most people in Norway got the same flu..(s)wine flu?:OO

  5. Thank you guys!! yeah there were not a single bad word about the food!

  6. The food looks so delicious :D *sikle*

  7. That looks so delicious!!
    I think seafood is great,it doesn't taste be greasy no matter how much you eat XD

  8. wowo how many good looking foods!
    You got me hungy lol

  9. Ahh! The food looks so delicious!! >w<
    And you're gorgeous! @0@