onsdag 30. januar 2013

New layout ft. Okarie

Ok after 2 hours (more or less) working on this layout, I now wanna crumble together and die.
I literally felt like a blindfolded man when working on it as I don´t know anything about photoshop except changing the contrast, lighting etc....

At least I learned something new today!

It´s not very professional, but at least it looks way better than my previews one.

1. Header
The header-girl is Okarie, my favorite gyaru, she is such a big inspiration to me and I really look up to her! She is occasionally modeling for the gal magazine ´´Popteen´´, but she is most known for her brand ´´ Ank Rouge´´. When making this layout I wanted to include a person unlike my previews layout that was boring and only had text. 

At first I was thinking about having myself as many bloggers do, but a second thought made me change my mind. 

Firstly: as if I´m not vain enough already. Don´t need to make it worse huh? 
Secondly: Looking at myself every damn time I log on will make me go crazy. The mirror is already enough....So I choose Okarie because well...I never get tired of looking at her! 

No, I´m not lesbian if that´s  what´s crossing your mind at the moment. 

2. Sidebar
I also decided to change the sidebar picture of myself. I thought the old one was kinda...OLD and it was about time I got rid of it although I kinda liked it. The resolution on this picture is terrible, but at least....my eyes are big :´D.

...and if you wonder how the hell I can spend so much time on doing this when I should be doing uniwork the answer is simply: the girl here finished all the work in advance because she don´t like to keep all the work for the last day. You should try out the same. It really helps you get rid off unnecessary stress.

What else to say? Now I feel sick and I wanna die.


9 kommentarer:

  1. Synes den nye layouten er kjempefin hyyyyyyyyyyyl kawaii layout liss

  2. Okarie is such an cute girl, it's okay to "love" her ;) Lovely sidebar picture of you ~ I like your new layout very much :)

    1. haha I know right ; ) thanks girl!

  3. Kjempefin jo! Haha jeg har også en ny layout som jeg holder på med(men har ikke rørt på to uker nå) som er med okarie xD føler nesten jeg bør bytte den ut nå, hallo vil jo liksom ikke herme lol

    1. hahah Okarie for alle! Neida du må bruke den altså! Synes Okarie er så undervurdert i gal communitien.

  4. It's really nice :D really cute and simple :D