søndag 3. februar 2013

Weekend and spending money that shouldn´t be spent.

My friday morning started with terrible luck. The way to Uni that usually takes me around 15 min took me this morning one hour.


....what a waste of time. I hate wasting my time.

First I managed to board the wrong subway. From where I live, only number 3 and 4 goes all the way to Uni, but I managed to go on number 1. This was not the first time, it has happened before, but here comes the better part of the story:

After I took the train back to the center I boarded the number 5 which I was sure went to Uni, but heck no. So I managed to take wrong subway TWICE and had to take the subway back to center one again to get on the right one.

I guess it was due to lack of sleep the past week and so being tired I could´t focus at all.

Friday night I went home to my parents. My brother was celebrating his 11th birthday and mum asked me if I could come and help. He had invited 10 classmates over for an sleepover-party. Crazy kid. I haven´t felt to tired since I started at Uni. I know this weekend has been completely alcohol free, but it feels like I´m having a terrible hangover right now. Last night I only got 2-3 hours of sleep because the boys would´t shut up. 

This was how I looked like. Right now I hate my hair....I have no clue about what to do with it .
The first thing I heard when I arrived was ´´Did you dye your hair again? IT´S TOO LIGHT´´.
Having a old fashioned mum and me being into gyaru has never helped me much hahah :´D

On my way to the train station I decided to drop by Neo Tokyo to get my monthly issue of Egg.

I love the cover of Egg february. After the disaster of a cover from Egg´s january issue, I´m glad they choose to have Mirai Saito as cover girl (with blonde hair). I´m not a big fan of Hana (brown hair), but I´m a really big fan of Mirai so it´s ok.

Last, but not least... I know I should be doing this right now as I don´t have much money to spend, but...

This Liz Lisa skirt wanted me to buy her! It was love at first sight when I saw it on gyaru sale.
The price was fair so I thought ´´why not?´´. I´m not gonna spend much money this months anyway since I´ll be going home to work every weekend.

Yeah, my dad is going to China so I´ll be working every weekend in february. It´s okay since I get paid, but it also sucks because I wanna spend my weekends with friends and go out.

9 kommentarer:

  1. ELSKER skjørtet!<3 skjønner hvorfor det var love at first sight >_<

    huff ser det med pengene. Det har gått bare 4 dager siden jeg fikk lønn men allerede har jeg klart å bruke 2000kr >_> wtf liksom?

  2. Oh ... Once I took a wrong bus and found myself in an other country...damn... but i came back home safely.
    I really like the skirt! I think you should not feel guilty, since you have a work, you can buy little things that make you happy:)

    A question, how did you create your image on the header? with photoshop?
    Please answer here: http://bahbohh.blogspot.com

    Thank you!

    1. I don´t have a part time job, only my old job that I sometimes get call from, but I guess I should´t feel so guilty hahah XD

  3. Waah this Liz Lisa skirt is beautiful *_* Can't wait to see pictures when you wear it *_*
    I know how you feel about the money thing..I ALWAYS do this T_T

    1. thank you! I´ll make a outfit post when I get it : )

  4. You look awesome and the skirt looks really really beautiful *_*

  5. Really cute skirt!I know how you felt when you got to wrong train -.- It happened to me too,only in bus XD