torsdag 7. februar 2013

Ank Rouge spring 2013

Hi gals!

Today I wanted to share some of Ank Rouge´s spring collection this spring/summer. After I made a similar one with Liz Lisa I wanted to make one with Ank Rouge too. As you can probably see spring 2013´s trendy colors are pretty much the same as 2012 with mint and coral, however this year I noticed lilac is quite in. At least that goes for Ank.
1. Checkered skirt (lilac)
I really like the checkered pattern of this A-shaped high-waist skirt. I personally think A-shape makes you look slimmer than bell-shaped and I´m glad Ank don´t have many bell-shaped skirts (or dresses for all I care). I´m so glad lilac is in this spring because it´s a really refreshing yet relaxing color to look at. I hated the last year´s ´´neon color´´-trend and will cross my fingers for a pastel colored summer this year!

2. Maxi skirt (coral)
I´ve never been a fan of maxi skirts because they always make me look super short. As if I´m not short enough already, but this one looked super comfy and I like the mix of coral, brown and nude colors. 

3. Culotte (mint)
I´m so happy that mint is still in this spring. I looove mint. I think it´s such a soothing color for your eyes. I also think the way Ank makes their culottes are quite interesting. The shorts under skirt-idea is something you don´t find on a western marked.

4. See-through shirt (lilac)
This shirt looks quite plain actually if it wasn´t for the tiny details on the top. That´s what made me like it. Once again...MORE LILAC.

5. Lace blouse (coral)
This blouse is beyond cute. I personally would´ve made this one in baby pink and lilac as well, however Ank only have this one in coral, black and white. Poor choice Ank -__-, but
overall the ribbon and lace details are super cute and I love it!

...and that´s all I´ve got for now.

Anything you fell for?

6 kommentarer:

  1. I love that coral lace blouse :333 It's really pretty! And everything else is though :P Have a nice day!

  2. I'm happy that mint is still popular too! I think it's become one of my favorite colors for spring. Lilac is nice too but it never looks good on me :( I want some more shorts under skirts, love the idea so much and it's rather cute!

  3. I love all of the pastel colors. So cute <3

  4. I love the culotte, I'm glad to see more lavender this year.

  5. I totally love the lace shirt, I seriously want it now *-*

  6. im in love with #4!yes,lilac is blooming nowadays <3