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GALTALK ! pt. 3: ´´ No circle lenses = no gyaru?´´

Hi to all gyarus and non-gyarus!

Today I wanna talk about a issue that has been debated about before in the gal community. Today I wanted to share my opinions about this matter. I even skipped jogging to finish this post, so you better read to the very end lol.

The issue is:

Are you not gyaru  if you don´t wear circle lenses?

I assume the majority here know what circle lenses are and if not, here is a short and precise description:

´´Lenses that increase the size of your iris, founded in Korea.´´

Those lenses has been quite popular for gyarus to wear up the years and most gyarus (models) today wear them as you can see in the pictures below:


However lately the focus on the lenses has become so big that people who don´t wear circle lenses (or can´t wear lenses) have been slaughtered with criticism for ´´not being gyaru enough´´. This especially happen in the gaijin gyaru community.

I had a really long debate with myself and really gave gyaru a second thought, for what is it that makes a girl gyaru?

Let´s face it.

There´s been made no such rule as ´´you have to wear circle lenses in order to be gyaru´´ ever.
Gyaru in fact started with ganguro, gonguro, yamamba which many of the gyarus didn´t wear lenses at all.

 prove me wrong!!! 

One page issue from old Egg with Buriteri. The girl who started it all.
Is she wearing lenses? Does she not look gal enough to you?

There are also models/gyarus today who don´t wear lenses. Still they look undeniably gyaru.

Sena. Model for Soul Sister magazine.

Momoko Ogihara. Producer for Murua

Ena Matsumoto. Producer for Emoda.

There are also gaijin gyarus that has proves this parochial statement wrong.

Here goes:

If you´re a part of the gaijin gyaru community you might know just as well as I who this piece of hotness is. If not: His name is Pin, a finnish gyaru who is one of the few gaijins today that still practices manba. I´ve never seen Pin wear circle lenses, yet one of the gaijins that looks the most gyaru in my opinion and I´m sure I´m not alone about it.

For those who are into shiro-gyaru (gyaru with no tan), here is a another gaijin gyaru who don´t wear circle lenses and yet pulls it off amazingly well:

She´s called Puni (also a finnish gyaru) and is most known for wearing glasses, but lately she´s been without. Does this not look gal to you?

So what makes them gyaru? If you´ve not noticed it already I´ll tell you. It´s not about the lenses.
Screw the lenses, they gives the effect of bigger eyes and so be it, but it´s the contour and highlight.

Contour highlight contour highlight LE CON-TOUR.
None of the girls in those pics has skipped over the contouring-part and with a reason. Contour is so important for a gyaru and it´s the little extra that really makes shows difference between a gal and a girl.

An another point is the hair. Hair is so important for a gyaru, you can see in all the pics above the girls made effort to style their hair.

The same opinions was shared with Valentine in this video made my LadyLi a few years ago:

You´ve got the full package here.
 (Ps. also recommend this video to watch if you´re new at the gyaru style and looking for some good tips).

Did anyone of them say that you HAVE to wear lenses in order to be considered gyaru?

The lenses wasn´t even invented in Japan. So how people started to focus so much on them is beyond me. Just find your style, have fun with it, practice on make-up , be creative and find out in what way it will make you looks the most gyaru. If you like to wear circle lenses, then by all means, do it! I´m not going against them here, but just because you do and can wear them , doesn´t mean everyone wants to or have the chance so don´t bury people with childish comments.

Variety is what makes every gyaru unique and it should always be that way.


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  1. I totally agree! I used to never wear lens~ Even now I do makeup without lens (but haven't posted those on my blog aha :P)

  2. I don't like wearing lenses. I don't need them, so why should I hurt the eye?!
    I only wish there were cute gyaru makeup tutorials for girls who don't wear lenses..

  3. You and I have the same opinion on that matter ^^ it's important to remember that not everyone can,feel comfortable,wants to wear circle lenses and they're not any less gyaru because of it. The same goes for lashes(but it's harder to pull of,not impossible though)

    1. Indeed! It´s hard to pull off without lashes yeah, I heard Sena is not wearing any though. She still look really gyaru to me in the picture : )!

  4. You're right! Nobody should get those dumb comments because of lenses! If your make-up looks pretty gyaru without lenses, it's okay! I never could look gyaru without lenses, though. I think this is also a problem. Most western girls look "normal" without lenses and the gyaru makeup just seems like normal makeup! Also gyaru isn't just about makeup, it's everything that makes your look!

  5. I personally think make-up is a big part of gyaru, make-up and hair. You don´t necessary need to wear any gyaru brands in order to look gyaru. I could spot a gyaru even if she was wearing a uniform if the styling and make-up was on point.

  6. This is a problem in every street-fashion that grows large, especially in western countries. Bitches makes their own rules to bully others, and others support them so they don't get bullied or outcasted themselves (if you know what I mean) This is a main reason why I don't wear Lolita that much anymore, but sadly things like this comes in almost every street-style :'(

    1. you really should´t let it get to you just because of that, however here I was just stating my opinion because it kinda annoyed me.

    2. Of course it isn't the only reason, and I think it's great of you to discus this issue on your blog ;) Think it helps many Gyarus who are insecure :)

  7. I was seriously always wondering about lenses...I can't stand them in my eyes so I never really tried gyaru style because I thought I HAD to wear them -.- Thanks for this post ! :3

  8. Back when there wasn't much info and hard to get pictures people kinda started to assume you HAD to wear circle-lenses since every single model wore them at that time - So I get where the notion is coming from, but I can't deny that I facepalm really hard everytime I read "You're not gyaru because you don't wear circle lenses"

    As I said, I understand why people think that, but for god sake use your brain abit and think - Lenses do NOT define a subculture and/or a style. I mean, how could it? Sure, it can do a great impact on your make-up style and look, but in the end it's just lenses. The importance of it is close to zero, you can definitely pull of gyaru without them.

    I don't understand why people don't seem to grasp the vastness that is gyaru. The "guidelines" and such are so much more washed out than before. There are few ways I can actually describe the most typical gyaru in the way I could describe e.g lolita, as a gyaru has really no standard anatomy.

    It's not just blonde curled hair and a JSG nekomimi anymore, in fact it never was. Gyaru definitely have a certain look, appearance and attitude, otherwise it wouldn't be any point in calling it a subculture/style, but gyaru has really few boundaries today.

  9. Thank you for this post, I don't wear circle lenses and I've always felt like people don't see my make as gyaru because of that but your post has made me feel a lot better, thanks <3



  10. I HATE most circle lenses(I had 5 pair but only use the one pair) because most make me look like a freaky alien because I already have big enough eyes >_> other than that you say contour and I do agree but for people like me(with big long noses) it's hard to do the contour around the nose so I just stick to other parts of my face.

    I would love to go back to gyaru but rather than being the "typical" gal I'd want to be a bit more free without these "westernized" rules, that's why I don't want to label myself anything for now. J am just a girl that takes inspo from gyaru:P

  11. I really don't think they a necessary but if you want to then that's fine.

  12. nice post.i actually think gyaru instead is just not about style but also the confidence they had.they can bravely declare their self.it is also a praise worthy that all girls should learn from them :)

  13. I wouldn't like to take any strength from your post, but I'd say that Sena, Momoko and Ena are actually wearing lenses, just natural brown/black ones!
    (I totally agree with your point though)

    1. no sweat, I won´t say 100% for sure that Sena aren´t wearing any, but I´ve seen a another pic of her and it really looks like she´s not wearing any, my friend also said that.

      When it comes to Momoko and Ena they used to wear lenses, but now they quit. I know this because I´ve been following them on instagram for quite a while and can clearly see the change. Maybe they´re wearing normal colored contacts, but that a another matter and is not really the same as circle lenses.

    2. also, no matter how natural colored contact (circle) lenses look like, they still have a sharper edge than your natural iris, if you look carefully none of them have sharp edges. Their iris have a blurry edge.

  14. unnecessary demand
    There are people who can not wear contact lenses or they do not get clean in their eyes. they are then no gyarus?
    because they want to but can not?

  15. I never wear circle lenses cause I'm lucky enough to have bigger than average irises and my irises have naturally that dark circle around them (which is typical for circle lenses) :D Problem solved! ;D hehe~

  16. you're sooo right >3< !!
    i love your blog btw :D !! ♥

  17. I REALLY LOVED THIS POST!!♥♥ Many people can ruin their eyes for wearing circle lenses too much so I think it's important to learn that it's totally possible to be gyaru without lenses! (^uu^) I didn't have many lenses for example about a year ago~ and I still go out without lenses even today! (^uu^)

  18. thank you so much for this!
    the whole lenses debate is totally ridiculous BS...

  19. thank you guys for liking this post! I´m glad it was helpful : )

  20. I'm a new reader (starting to follow now) and I think that gals look better without lenses.

  21. Great review , These eye contacts look so natural and suit you :)
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  22. Totally agree. I have dry-eyed and hv an eye problem so wearing contact lens is really prohibited, a week ago my Ophthalmologist said its better to be over protected and suggested me not to wear any contact lens even just for a while. He also suggests to everyone not to wear any contact lens, especially ppl who wear it just for beauty thing. If ur eyes got irritated, the worst risk is they have to take out ur eye ball. I am kinda sad because frankly, the contact lens makes us look cuter. And also I am so into gyaru and I thought "no circle lens wont make me look gyaru" -.- But I love my eyes and I admit it I cant stand to wear it, so not comfy at all.
    But like it or not I choose to take care of my eyes rather than take a risk for entire my life. :") So from now on I won't wear any of it anymore, although just for blogging or something -.-

    Anyway your post is my mood booster in gyaru makeup! Thankyouuuuu :D


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