onsdag 13. februar 2013

Old Popteen issue & new iPhone case.


When I opened the postbox this morning my package arrived.
Last week I bought a old issue of Popteen from Gaijin gyaru sale. Wanna know why I was after
this one so desperately? ;)


I can´t wait to read it!

As you could see on the picture above I also got myself a new iPhone cover!
The Cocolulu one is cool, but kinda didn´t match my style anymore so had to get something more ´´sweet´´.

I love it! Got it from ebay for only 15 NOK. That´s crazily cheap!
It´s pastel pink although it looks coral on my screen.

Also today´s look. Decided for once to not have my hair braided up, but I guess it´s still a bit too cold for that so I´ll go back to ponytail lol

(yes my hair tends to be electrical when I have it down so that´s why).


7 kommentarer:

  1. the magazine cover looks wonderful<3 and the phone case too :D

    1. thank you! Yeah I love them both! The magazine more thou :´)

  2. That iPhone case is so pretty! I want one aha *_*
    You're so pretty <3

  3. Aw okarie looks so cute!! Love the case too <3

  4. nice case..and its 3d!^^ woah so kawaii

  5. I love your eye makeup :D
    That iPhone case is really cute! I always get mine from Ebay too :)