fredag 12. april 2013

Group Photos from the Gyaru-meetup

Haii gals!

I skipped the lecture today because I wasn´t really in the best mood, so I´m about to hit the gym (and hoping jogging will cheer me up), but before that: 

Here is two of the group pictures from the meetup! I really love them!

From upper left >: Daniel, Sofia, Eivind, Marcus, Alex, Tuomas, Heikki, Imke, Juju, Ingvild, Marijela, me, Erika, Kimii, Lydia.

Not paying attention to the bromance happening to the upper right corner.

They´re taken by the incredible photographer Hampus who is a friend of Lydia and Kimii.

Check out his website:
and like his fb-page:


7 kommentarer:

  1. I LOOOOVE all the colorful hair haha but you all seriously look ah-maz-ing:)))

  2. So many pretty gals :)
    and cool guys haha

  3. You look good all together! :D
    Nice pictures

  4. Wwow you all look so good!

  5. Super cute<3