onsdag 19. juni 2013

Doll and no doll

Haiii Gals!

After the exams I had some time to catch up with friends before I was leaving Oslo.
One of the days I met Keziah, my good friend with similar gyaru interests. I hate making excuses, but I really didn´t have enough time to doll up properly this day so I kinda just threw together something comfy, but Keziah was so stunning so I felt bad..... I should´ve dressed up more!
That bitch making me feel bad, you karma just sunk.

We took a few camshots, but honestly this is the only one that´s not too blurry and where we both look somewhat decent.

So here you go, to not make our effort go to waste!!!
  See?? Even the camera lens is focusing on Keziah. How rude!

Ignore my humongous arm.

Heeey gorgeous, I just met you (not really) and this is craaazyyy, but here is my number (she´s already got it) so call me maaaybee!! 

Compared with that you´ve got...

....this. Pissed off much?

You can´t buy that face with money. It´s extraordinary limited edition.

That face won´t give you any number.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I lol'd at this post xD but you both look gorgeous!

  2. Love your different styles here, haha!
    You're still sweet and cute, don't worry!

    joyjoii+ {fashion, food, lifestyle}

  3. Stop it you! you look adorable all the time <3 even your angry face is cute ^^ <3 you can dress up even more next time and I'll dress casually to even it up :P ^^

  4. Awww look at the two of you! :3 Cutie pies!


  5. What kind of circle lenses is it? Love how vibrant the blue color is. And it suits you!