lørdag 19. oktober 2013

Some himekaji/romagyaru outfits, makeup & update

Hi everyone!!

So yesterday I was at work and got home very late, but for some reason I woke up very early this morning so after cleaning the apartment I decided to make a blog update with some outfits, makeup etc.

So here we go.

Outfit 1.

I don´t remember when this was taken, but I like the coord except for my hair which died when I opened the door :´(

The top is from Liz Lisa and it is really adorable!
The skirt is also from Liz Lisa. A friend of mine who lives in Tokyo at the moment bought it for me and to be honest I was surprised by the thick material. It´s supposed to be a summer skirt, but I personally think it´s a bit too warm for summer so it´s perfect for fall.

Bag: DreamV
Beret: Cubus
Necklace: gift 

Outfit 2.

This was actually quite recent. I went to visit a friend of mine who had just moved into a new apartment and I though I at least should show some respect by wearing something presentable.

Knit: Liz Lisa (this was actually my first ever Liz Lisa item and I would´t trade or sell it for anything in the world, it has a lot of sentimental value!)

Skirt: Liz Lisa
Tights: Lindex
Necklace: Gift from Keziah when she went to the meetup in the Netherlands (so sweet of her!)

...with coat on which is also from Liz Lisa (lol I´m such a LL maniac) yeah I changed my hairdo.

with my fashionista roomie!

On this day my makeup looked like this!

...and here is some other makeup pics!

My iPhone camera has super crappy resolution, but the one thing I like about it is that my makeup don´t disappear ( if you know what I mean).

So what else?

Well... for the past months I´ve been going to the gym a lot. I actually enjoy exercising and it helps me relieve a lot of stress. The result is that my legs have been more toned and I love it!!

So until next time!


søndag 13. oktober 2013

Update in life

Hi everyone!

Once again I´ve neglected this blog and I´m sorry I´m not so sorry. 
Taking a break was really nice because at one point I simply felt I were obliged to update this blog regularly, even when no shit has happened. Either way if there are still people reading my blog..I´m very humble and grateful!

The stuff with school which has held me down is still not solved, but they haven´t contacted me yet and for now I´ll just live my life and stop worrying about it.

This post will be very picture heavy so if you feel like frilly clothes, floral and pink is not your thing then exit is at the far right.

On friday I had a date with my girl Ingvild. I´ve been stuck in my room lately trying to finish my obligatory essays and hand-ins for Uni, however staying locked-up in my room forever is not healthy at all so I met up with Ingvild. We ended up going to Burger King and having bubble tea!
I haven´t had bubble tea since my best friend left for Korea so it was really great!
I don´t know many that likes bubble tea : ´(

As for the hair this day I was inspired by Liz Lisa GAL Minami. 

I french braided the side (not very visible) and made soft curls. Minami always have perfect hair and is such a great inspiration!

After tea and burger, we went to her flat. Ingvild had just bought this new gel nail-kit so she helped me fixing my nails while I watched Mean Girls. I felt like a queen lol

I recently got a job as a waitress (really happy about that) so I´m not allowed to have fancy or long nails for work so I had to keep it short and simple, but they are super cute and I love them! The color is so adorable!

And here is what I wore on friday!

Dress: Ma*rs
Knit: H&M
Necklace: gift
Shoes: DreamV

I feel like I´m the only one who has in dress in pink. All the other Gal´s have it in white. Actually I was considering buying the white one, but the pink one is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S so really glad I chose the right color!

Also a week ago I got this lovely Okarie birthday book and when I uploaded this on Instagram, she liked it!

I thought I was going to faint. I literally love Okarie more than I think I´ll love any man in this whole wide world so having her noticing me at was a life dream come true! 

Last but not least, my life is really stressful nowadays, but to be honest I like it. My work can become very hectic, but I love my co-workers. They are all so nice and we joke a lot which I think it´s important at a workplace. I also get quite nice with tips so I´ve bought some stuff recently.

New lenses in choco from the diamond serie. They don´t have the black timbal ring so I think they goes well with a more relaxed makeup-style!

 Ank Rouge 3rd anniversary stationary set.
Also bought Popteen and loads of Liz Lisa clothes!

I also got this furry Liz Lisa hat from Ingvild.

She used to be a great Liz Lisa gyaru long before I started to do the style myself (my inspiration), but now she is no longer gyaru and so I got this hat from her. I´m so tremendously in love with it and can´t thank her enough ;__; What do you think?

So that was some updates from my life! More to come hopefully, but now I gotta carry on with my essays!

So long sweeties!

onsdag 21. august 2013

Long time no see X Meetup in Liz Lisa

Hi everyone!

It´s been a really long time since last post. Meanwhile I have been sorting out some thoughts in my head and also worked a lot during the summer to keep myself busy. The case that keeps hunting me is still not solved so I can't promise any blogpost really soon. Only if I am in the mood.

However I wanted to do a real quick post before I went to bed this evening. It is about a meet-up I went to last sunday.
My friend Keziah took her time to arrange it (for the norwegian j-fashion community) so I though I should attend and I am glad I did. I had a great time and met friends again after a long holiday with work and being anti-social.

Anyway this is my hair and makeup for the meet-up:

It was really heavy rain that day and I know what happens to my hair when there is wind and rain so I didn't bother to curl it. I only did my fringe.

Here is what I wore:

Dress: Liz Lisa (Royal lady Neo retro british)
Necklace: gift
Bracelet: powerstones
Shoes: Bianco 
(apparently my camera decided that my wall was more interesting so it switched focus eh..)

We first went bowling and then went to eat pizza. Keziah went to the meet-up in the Netherlands this summer (arranged by Hyper gyarusa if I remember correct) and had bought me a lovely necklace back home. Oh my gosh ; - ; I had not expected that and it was so nice of her!

Me and her. I love her eye-makeup!

Another one. I look so dark here, but I think it is the light although I am pretty tan in real too 

Eivind, Erlend, Keziah and me had to leave early to meet Ingvild so this is an attempt on a group photo. Oh well it is good enough I guess! I look so tiny lol

Hope this could make up for my two months absence if anyone missed me haha.

Have a nice evening!


onsdag 26. juni 2013

DIY-project: Top inspired by Katie

Lately my head has been overflowing with all types of ideas for clothes. It´s annoying you know, because I´ve never sewn before (if you look away from those crappy sewing lessons in elementary school). Mum just happened to have a old sewing machine, she used to sew a lot, but now she can´t bother anymore. Kinda sad, but I guess she just don´t have the motivation. Me on the other had have way too much so despite never done it before I wanted to give it try.
Everyone has got to start somewhere right?

I kindly asked for some old fabrics and she threw some old curtains at me. I found some pink gingham fabric in my room and also raped the plastic flower in the old vase (no one look at anyway) and this became the result:


As you can see the middle part is transparent, but the pink gingham are just wide enough to cover dem boobs so whether you wear it with a top under or not it´s all fine, but I think I prefer to wear something under with it.


(kindly reminder to myself: iron the fabric before you start)


I love daisy flowers (my favorite flowers) and I used pearls too.


This is the pattern of the curtain. It´s so pretty though. Such I pity mum is not using it anymore, but I guess i shouldn´t complain. More stuff for free to me heh.

I was inspired by Katie´s clothing. Katie always have such simple designs yet they are so pretty!

Here are some examples:

I´m very pleased with the result if looking at the fact that I´ve never sewn before and this is 100% self-taught so I very happy with myself aside the fact that there was some less impressive swearing going around in the beginning haha(you know how it is right?) ! Nothing comes easily I guess.

 I know I need a lot of improvement many places, but I know I´ll eventually get there. Sewing was a lot of more fun than I though. Especially if you´re the designer too! I´ll definitely sew more!


mandag 24. juni 2013

For a moment she knew I existed

Alright I know I´m waaaay behind my so-called ´´blogging schedule´´, but I blog about stuff when I want to and without that feeling it becomes meaningless for me, so you have to excuse me for this post as it´s something that happened many month ago, yet it still makes me happy thinking back now and then.

So there is this show called ´´RuPaul´s drag race´´ which has gained quick popularity these past years. Not everyone know the reality show, but I think everybody SHOULD know about it. So if you don´t: GOOGLE IT. It´s very much like America´s next top model, only with drag queens, more drama, creativity, more glitter and glam. So far there has been 5 seasons on air and on season five there was a contestant called Jinkx Monsoon who caught my heart! I became so big fan that I decided to paint a portrait of ´´her´´ . I usually never want to paint portraits because it´s boring.

This is how it turned out like and I´m pretty pleased with it. I only wish I had used an another color for background. 

This is Jinkx Monsoon in drag

This is Jerick, Jinkx out of drag (I had to have this picture because I thought it was kinda cute :´D )

Me and the Jinkx portrait. I have a dream that one day I´ll be able to stand next to Jinkx in person like this and have a picture :´D

Maybe some people know that she also has a Facebook page, but as the show was airing Jinkx eventually became so popular that basically there were people writing to her all the time. I knew she didn´t have time to answer to all those messages so I didn´t really wanted to bother with posting the painting on her wall, but my friend told me to do it, because maybe, just maybe there was a tiny chance that she would see it. I decided to give it a try. However I didn´t get any reactions that night, but despite that I was satisfied. I was happy with the painting and hoping that she would see it before or later.

When I woke up next morning a big surprise awaited me. I logged on Facebook as usual and the first thing I saw was my friend writing to me on the chat: ´´JINKX COMMENTED YOUR PAINTING´´.

I was like : ´´you´re joking right?´´ Then I checked my notification and this came up:

Like and ´´gorgeous!´´ I literally flipped my hair backwards and screamed! My roommate though I had dropped food on the floor (because that´s the only time I scream lol precious food can´t go to waste). I felt so damn privileged because she likes post very seldom and comment even less so it was a big honor that she would do that.

Then I went out to the living room smirking and showed her what had happened and she started screaming too and we almost danced! So basically for a slight moment Jinkxy knew I existed and that´s one of the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! For some people this reaction might be ridiculous, but for me it was truly an amazing experience! If one of your biggest idol responded to you, would´t you feel happiness too?

I´ll never ever forget this day and I plan on sending that painting to Jinkx in the near future!

- Howalon

torsdag 20. juni 2013

Follow me on Bloglovin and Facebook

Google is removing google reader and most likely google friend connect too.


So after friend connector is gone you´ll have to be a follower on Bloglovin (the pink button under my google friend connect) in order to
get updates, either that or like my Facebook page HERE.

Dear Google







onsdag 19. juni 2013

Doll and no doll

Haiii Gals!

After the exams I had some time to catch up with friends before I was leaving Oslo.
One of the days I met Keziah, my good friend with similar gyaru interests. I hate making excuses, but I really didn´t have enough time to doll up properly this day so I kinda just threw together something comfy, but Keziah was so stunning so I felt bad..... I should´ve dressed up more!
That bitch making me feel bad, you karma just sunk.

We took a few camshots, but honestly this is the only one that´s not too blurry and where we both look somewhat decent.

So here you go, to not make our effort go to waste!!!
  See?? Even the camera lens is focusing on Keziah. How rude!

Ignore my humongous arm.

Heeey gorgeous, I just met you (not really) and this is craaazyyy, but here is my number (she´s already got it) so call me maaaybee!! 

Compared with that you´ve got...

....this. Pissed off much?

You can´t buy that face with money. It´s extraordinary limited edition.

That face won´t give you any number.