mandag 24. juni 2013

For a moment she knew I existed

Alright I know I´m waaaay behind my so-called ´´blogging schedule´´, but I blog about stuff when I want to and without that feeling it becomes meaningless for me, so you have to excuse me for this post as it´s something that happened many month ago, yet it still makes me happy thinking back now and then.

So there is this show called ´´RuPaul´s drag race´´ which has gained quick popularity these past years. Not everyone know the reality show, but I think everybody SHOULD know about it. So if you don´t: GOOGLE IT. It´s very much like America´s next top model, only with drag queens, more drama, creativity, more glitter and glam. So far there has been 5 seasons on air and on season five there was a contestant called Jinkx Monsoon who caught my heart! I became so big fan that I decided to paint a portrait of ´´her´´ . I usually never want to paint portraits because it´s boring.

This is how it turned out like and I´m pretty pleased with it. I only wish I had used an another color for background. 

This is Jinkx Monsoon in drag

This is Jerick, Jinkx out of drag (I had to have this picture because I thought it was kinda cute :´D )

Me and the Jinkx portrait. I have a dream that one day I´ll be able to stand next to Jinkx in person like this and have a picture :´D

Maybe some people know that she also has a Facebook page, but as the show was airing Jinkx eventually became so popular that basically there were people writing to her all the time. I knew she didn´t have time to answer to all those messages so I didn´t really wanted to bother with posting the painting on her wall, but my friend told me to do it, because maybe, just maybe there was a tiny chance that she would see it. I decided to give it a try. However I didn´t get any reactions that night, but despite that I was satisfied. I was happy with the painting and hoping that she would see it before or later.

When I woke up next morning a big surprise awaited me. I logged on Facebook as usual and the first thing I saw was my friend writing to me on the chat: ´´JINKX COMMENTED YOUR PAINTING´´.

I was like : ´´you´re joking right?´´ Then I checked my notification and this came up:

Like and ´´gorgeous!´´ I literally flipped my hair backwards and screamed! My roommate though I had dropped food on the floor (because that´s the only time I scream lol precious food can´t go to waste). I felt so damn privileged because she likes post very seldom and comment even less so it was a big honor that she would do that.

Then I went out to the living room smirking and showed her what had happened and she started screaming too and we almost danced! So basically for a slight moment Jinkxy knew I existed and that´s one of the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! For some people this reaction might be ridiculous, but for me it was truly an amazing experience! If one of your biggest idol responded to you, would´t you feel happiness too?

I´ll never ever forget this day and I plan on sending that painting to Jinkx in the near future!

- Howalon

3 kommentarer:

  1. congratulation on this little success!

    no wonder she noticed you, the painting is awesome :)

  2. oh wow that is soo cool :O

  3. The painting is amazing!! *0*) Omg I love Jinkx Monsoon, best queen of the season! I'd die if she replied to me, haha.