onsdag 26. juni 2013

DIY-project: Top inspired by Katie

Lately my head has been overflowing with all types of ideas for clothes. It´s annoying you know, because I´ve never sewn before (if you look away from those crappy sewing lessons in elementary school). Mum just happened to have a old sewing machine, she used to sew a lot, but now she can´t bother anymore. Kinda sad, but I guess she just don´t have the motivation. Me on the other had have way too much so despite never done it before I wanted to give it try.
Everyone has got to start somewhere right?

I kindly asked for some old fabrics and she threw some old curtains at me. I found some pink gingham fabric in my room and also raped the plastic flower in the old vase (no one look at anyway) and this became the result:


As you can see the middle part is transparent, but the pink gingham are just wide enough to cover dem boobs so whether you wear it with a top under or not it´s all fine, but I think I prefer to wear something under with it.


(kindly reminder to myself: iron the fabric before you start)


I love daisy flowers (my favorite flowers) and I used pearls too.


This is the pattern of the curtain. It´s so pretty though. Such I pity mum is not using it anymore, but I guess i shouldn´t complain. More stuff for free to me heh.

I was inspired by Katie´s clothing. Katie always have such simple designs yet they are so pretty!

Here are some examples:

I´m very pleased with the result if looking at the fact that I´ve never sewn before and this is 100% self-taught so I very happy with myself aside the fact that there was some less impressive swearing going around in the beginning haha(you know how it is right?) ! Nothing comes easily I guess.

 I know I need a lot of improvement many places, but I know I´ll eventually get there. Sewing was a lot of more fun than I though. Especially if you´re the designer too! I´ll definitely sew more!


11 kommentarer:

  1. Looks cute!
    I'm so bad at sewing u_u

  2. so cute! such an inspiration :D

  3. Really cute! Can't wait to see it on you:)

    I used to sew but then I stopped and never picked it up again lol

  4. The top is so cute, and wow - that was seriously your first time sewing and you did that? Amazing work! ^__^

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  5. The top is really cute. Can you give a photo, wearing it?!

  6. It's awesome for a beginner! I was also self taught but needed at least 3 months to get where you are from the first try! Keep it up, you seem to have the talent for it :D

  7. The top turned out really cute! I've never sewn before in my life either, but I'd love to learn it.

  8. omg the top is adorable, your blog is so cutee! Looking forward to your upcoming posts ♡

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  9. that top is veeeeeerrryyyyyy cute!!!!
    the pattern and the style really makes it master-piece!!

    please check-out my blog too : )

  10. Jeg vil se deg med toppen på!
    Den ser fab ut^^,