søndag 13. oktober 2013

Update in life

Hi everyone!

Once again I´ve neglected this blog and I´m sorry I´m not so sorry. 
Taking a break was really nice because at one point I simply felt I were obliged to update this blog regularly, even when no shit has happened. Either way if there are still people reading my blog..I´m very humble and grateful!

The stuff with school which has held me down is still not solved, but they haven´t contacted me yet and for now I´ll just live my life and stop worrying about it.

This post will be very picture heavy so if you feel like frilly clothes, floral and pink is not your thing then exit is at the far right.

On friday I had a date with my girl Ingvild. I´ve been stuck in my room lately trying to finish my obligatory essays and hand-ins for Uni, however staying locked-up in my room forever is not healthy at all so I met up with Ingvild. We ended up going to Burger King and having bubble tea!
I haven´t had bubble tea since my best friend left for Korea so it was really great!
I don´t know many that likes bubble tea : ´(

As for the hair this day I was inspired by Liz Lisa GAL Minami. 

I french braided the side (not very visible) and made soft curls. Minami always have perfect hair and is such a great inspiration!

After tea and burger, we went to her flat. Ingvild had just bought this new gel nail-kit so she helped me fixing my nails while I watched Mean Girls. I felt like a queen lol

I recently got a job as a waitress (really happy about that) so I´m not allowed to have fancy or long nails for work so I had to keep it short and simple, but they are super cute and I love them! The color is so adorable!

And here is what I wore on friday!

Dress: Ma*rs
Knit: H&M
Necklace: gift
Shoes: DreamV

I feel like I´m the only one who has in dress in pink. All the other Gal´s have it in white. Actually I was considering buying the white one, but the pink one is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S so really glad I chose the right color!

Also a week ago I got this lovely Okarie birthday book and when I uploaded this on Instagram, she liked it!

I thought I was going to faint. I literally love Okarie more than I think I´ll love any man in this whole wide world so having her noticing me at was a life dream come true! 

Last but not least, my life is really stressful nowadays, but to be honest I like it. My work can become very hectic, but I love my co-workers. They are all so nice and we joke a lot which I think it´s important at a workplace. I also get quite nice with tips so I´ve bought some stuff recently.

New lenses in choco from the diamond serie. They don´t have the black timbal ring so I think they goes well with a more relaxed makeup-style!

 Ank Rouge 3rd anniversary stationary set.
Also bought Popteen and loads of Liz Lisa clothes!

I also got this furry Liz Lisa hat from Ingvild.

She used to be a great Liz Lisa gyaru long before I started to do the style myself (my inspiration), but now she is no longer gyaru and so I got this hat from her. I´m so tremendously in love with it and can´t thank her enough ;__; What do you think?

So that was some updates from my life! More to come hopefully, but now I gotta carry on with my essays!

So long sweeties!

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  1. So pretty gets! And you are so cute as always! ^^ Have a great week! :)

  2. I really like your hair style here, I agree Minami has nice hair. ^.^ Your nails are really pretty and I'm glad your enjoying your work and the people you would with. I think it's really really important to like who you work with, I think that's even more important than liking your job - lol. (Depends, but yeah!)

  3. Waaa~ you're so perfect!! (*w*) I'm so happy Okarie liked your pic!! <33 So amazing!! I love your coordinates and gets, everytime I see you I want to become a LL gal XDD

  4. Really cute make up and I love the hat!

    Btw if you're interested by blog is having a monthly giveaway so feel free to join here: thelovelyify.blogspot.com/2013/10/loving-my-lovelies-monthly-giveaway-1.html

  5. I love that creative braided hairstyle, suits you very much! <3 Also the clothes *^*

  6. So cute!

  7. Some of your photos aren't working for me >.<
    The Ma*rs dress is so cute ♥

    Rokishii ♥