onsdag 21. august 2013

Long time no see X Meetup in Liz Lisa

Hi everyone!

It´s been a really long time since last post. Meanwhile I have been sorting out some thoughts in my head and also worked a lot during the summer to keep myself busy. The case that keeps hunting me is still not solved so I can't promise any blogpost really soon. Only if I am in the mood.

However I wanted to do a real quick post before I went to bed this evening. It is about a meet-up I went to last sunday.
My friend Keziah took her time to arrange it (for the norwegian j-fashion community) so I though I should attend and I am glad I did. I had a great time and met friends again after a long holiday with work and being anti-social.

Anyway this is my hair and makeup for the meet-up:

It was really heavy rain that day and I know what happens to my hair when there is wind and rain so I didn't bother to curl it. I only did my fringe.

Here is what I wore:

Dress: Liz Lisa (Royal lady Neo retro british)
Necklace: gift
Bracelet: powerstones
Shoes: Bianco 
(apparently my camera decided that my wall was more interesting so it switched focus eh..)

We first went bowling and then went to eat pizza. Keziah went to the meet-up in the Netherlands this summer (arranged by Hyper gyarusa if I remember correct) and had bought me a lovely necklace back home. Oh my gosh ; - ; I had not expected that and it was so nice of her!

Me and her. I love her eye-makeup!

Another one. I look so dark here, but I think it is the light although I am pretty tan in real too 

Eivind, Erlend, Keziah and me had to leave early to meet Ingvild so this is an attempt on a group photo. Oh well it is good enough I guess! I look so tiny lol

Hope this could make up for my two months absence if anyone missed me haha.

Have a nice evening!


12 kommentarer:

  1. I love your outfit, that Liz Lisa dress is so so pretty! You look adorable!

  2. you look great with that outfit

  3. your eye-make up reminds me of Okarie's <33
    and I love your dress :D ~(-^.^-)~

  4. Thank everyone!
    Caro: oh my gosh I take it as aa huuuge compliment because Okarie is my favorite gyaru of all time!

  5. You look great in your outfit~
    You're lucky your hair keeps straight when there's wind/rain, mine gets curly ToT

    1. haha thank you! Mine is so straight that I find curling it really difficult XD

  6. Omg I actually know the girl with the Smile more shirt and the guy behind herxD hehe

  7. You look so pretty! You look just like APINK's Eunji has anyone ever told you that? haha~~ xoxox

    If you have any free time, could you please check out my Asian Beauty/ Skincare blog? momopodo.blogspot.com ! Thanks so much and have a great day ~ (^_^)/

  8. Hey, kinda late but I love your posts. Particularly gyaru make-up and hairstyles! Would you mind making tutorials on how to do them? Also, what part of Canada do you live in? I'm sure a lot of your viewers miss you...